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XXVIII The Technology Review
The Technology Club of Cincinnati
   The Technology Club of Cincinnati held its annual meeting, April 1, at the University Club. about forty members gathered around the piano in stimulated good-fellowship, indulged in preliminary close harmony and then proceeded to dispose of the excellent repast provided for the occasion. Henry D. Loring '07 presided in his usual efficient manner.
   The election of officers for the ensuing year resulted in the selection of Stuart R. Miller '07 for president, John D. Cochrane, Jr. '23, for Vice-President, and William V. Schmiedeke '12, for Secretary.
   The only other business of the evening was the report of the Scholarship Fund Committee which reported the status of the funs and also announced that the Club had a new candidate for the coming year. The Scholarship Committee was instructed to proceed with collections for this purpose which is known as the Richard Warren Proctor Scholarship Fund.
   Following the dinner, the gaming instinct was given free play and as the spirit moved, it was bowling, billiards, bridge, stud, or kibitzer. A good time was had by all. ---WILLIAM V. SCHMIEDEKE '12, Secretary, The Penker Construction Company, 1030 Summer Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Technology Club of Central Ohio
   After a year of work our Club has finally established a scholarship at the Institute in Aeronautical Engineering. The tuition money has been raised among our forty members and a committee is now working on the selection of a candidate who must be a resident of the area covered by this Club. He must be a graduate whose scholastic work is equivalent to the requirements of this course and just have a very high standing. We have been getting some favorable publicity for the Institute in the local newspapers through the announcement of this scholarship and there are several applicants for it.
   We are continuing our luncheons on the second Wednesday of each month in the Tea Room at the Lazarus Store. ---EDWIN M. WOODWARD '17, Secretary, 1272 Hope Avenue, Columbus, Ohio.

Washington Society of the M.I.T.
   The regular Speaker Luncheon of the Washington Society of the M.I.T. was held on Friday, April 18, at the University Club. The Society was entertained by Captain Earle R. Strong, Air Reserve Corps, Chief Statistics Section, Aeronautics Branch, Department of Commerce, and member of Civil Aircraft Accident Board who addressed the members present on the subject of civil aeronautics and air transportation. The talk was very interestingly presented, and as it gave a comparative analysis of miles flown, passengers and merchandise carried, and accident statistics, it was very instructive as well. Following the address, Captain Strong showed a very interesting motion picture of the training of student aviators at the army air schools which was well received.
   The following members were present: Kenneth P. Armstrong '10, Charles C. Gager '17, T. P. Lampe, Marion I. Walters '23, Francis G. Wells '22, George R. Hopkins '22, Fredrick H. Newell '85, W. Bion Moore '28, Allen B. McDaniel '01, Proctor L. Dougherty '97, Harold Van V. Fay '14, Harold L. Ward (guest), Edward D. Merrill '09, Walter I. Swanton '93, Joseph W. Clary '96, Alfred E. Hanson '14, William M. Corse '99, Alexander W. Yereance '11, and Joseph Y. Houghton '26. ---JOSEPH Y. HOUGHTON '26, Secretary, 402 Shepherd Street, Chevy Chase, Md.

Technology Club of Shanghai
   The April meeting of the Technology Club of Shanghai was held on Friday, April 11, at the American Club, 23 Foochow Road, at 7:30 P.M. sharp. Mr. William A. Adams, Secretary of the China Realty Company, and Mr. Tsok K. Tse, department director of the Ministry of Finance, both from the class of '08, were our hosts and fulfilled their promise of a good time for all. --- WALTER KWOK '27, Secretary, 19 Lucerne Road, Shanghai, China.

Technology Club of Minnesota
   An informal luncheon was held at the Technology club of Minnesota, May 8. Officers for the new year were elected and plans laid for a revival of activity in the Minnesota branch of the Alumni Association. Mr. William Bovey spoke briefly of the work of the Corporation of which he is a member and of the new dormitories and the Reunion plans.
   The new officers are Clifford Hield '10 President, and Mildred Lauder Coombs '20, Secretary. Tentative plans are under way for a golf meeting this summer, monthly luncheons, and a big get-together next winter. The luncheons will be held the second Tuesday of each month at some convenient place to be later announced.
   The following attended the luncheon: Fredrick H. Bass '01, retiring president, Edward S. Stebbins '76, William H. Vovey '94, Jesse W. Shuman '97, Ross R. Schulte '04 (St. Paul), Williston C. Rich '06, Daniel Belcher '09, Clifford C. Hield '10, Willis R. Salisbury '12, Charles F. Haglin '13, Dale R. McEnary '14, Samuel Sewall '17, Richard H. Coombs '19, W. Ramsey McIver '22, and John B. King '23. ---MILDRED L. COOMBS '20, Secretary, 2411 Lake Place, Minneapolis, Minn.
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