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To our Colleagues in American Business . . . 

How would you like to save $100,000 this year? One of our customers learned how. This leading manufacturer--you'd recognize the name immediately--is a heavy user of copper and its alloys. It buys sheet, strip, tube and rod, by the hundreds of tons annually. 

Recently this company invited the Revere Technical Advisory Service to inspect its operations, study its metals needs, analyze its buying practices and look into specifications -- all with an eye toward accomplishing possible savings. The Revere people were actually treated as members of the crew at the company's plants; nothing pertinent was kept secret, no knowledge hidden.

The result was recommendations all down the line on every phase of copper alloy procurement and use. Here a new alloy was recommended, there a new way of handling the metal. In one instance individual shipment sizes were trimmed down, in another the change of gauge eliminated scrap entirely and provided more pieces per coil. We cite only a few examples. There were many more, And when the Revere Technical Advisory Service had completed its study, specific and concrete recommendations were made to the metals user. These actually showed the way to make an astonishing saving... well over $100,000 annually!

Naturally, not every company can expect to realize such vast savings as these. Too many variables enter into any such study. But if detailed knowledge of metals, their manufacture and their uses be applicable to your product and your production, why not -- without obligation -- call in a Revere Technical Advisor and bring his experience to bear on your problem?

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You can discuss your metals problems and production procedures with him in the utmost confidence. He may be reached simply by calling or writing the Revere Office nearest you. No obligation, of course

In fact, it will generally pay you to take every one of your suppliers into your confidence; discuss your problems in detail. Thus you will add their abilities and experience to your own, to the eventual advantage of both your company and your suppliers.

[[logo - white circle in center of a capital gray letter R. The circle reads REVERE - 1801 - Copper - Brass - Aluminum and features the black silhouette of a colonial man]]
Revere Copper and Brass Incorporated
Founded by Paul Revere in 1801
Executive Offices: 230 Park Avenue, New York 17, N.Y.
Distributors Everywhere

November, 1961      41

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