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[[image - drawing of Boeing 727 jetliner]]
[[caption]] Drawing of newly announced short-to-medium range Boeing 727 jetliner. First 727 sale was largest in transportation history. More airlines have ordered--and re-ordered--more jetliners from Boeing than from any other manufacturer. [[/caption]]

[[image - photograph of Boeing KC-135 tanker-transport model]]
[[caption]] Boeing KC-135 jet tanker-transport is U.S. Air Force's principal aerial refueler. Thirty C-135 cargo-jet models of KC-135 have been ordered for Military Air Transport Service. [[/caption]]

[[image - drawing of space glider Dyna-Soar]]
[[caption]] Dyna-Soar manned space glider is shown, in artist's concept, atop Titan ICBM for launching. Design will permit return for conventional landing. Boeing is prime contractor for glider and system. [[/caption]]

[[image - photograph of Boeing turbine engine powered US Navy boat]]
[[caption]] Boeing gas turbine engine powers this pleasure boat demonstrator. In other applications, Boeing engines power U.S. Navy boats and generators. [[/caption]]

The continuing expansion of advanced programs at Boeing offers outstanding career openings to graduates in engineering, scientific and management disciplines. At Boeing you'll find a professional climate conducive to deeply rewarding achievement and rapid advancement. You'll enjoy many advantages, including up-to-the-minute facilities, dynamic industry environment, and company-paid graduate study programs (Masters and Ph.D.). 

For further information, write today to Mr. Conrad E. Brodie, The Boeing Company, P.O. Box 3822 - UMT, Seattle 24, Washington. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, creed, color or national origin.

[[image - photograph of Minuteman missile]]
[[caption]] Minuteman, nation's first solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile, shown on initial flight--most successful first flight in missile history. Boeing holds major Minuteman contract responsibility. [[/caption]]

[[image - photograph of Boeing Scientific Research Laboratories ]]
[[caption]] Boeing Scientific Research Laboratories where scientists expand the frontiers of knowledge in research in solid state physics, flight sciences, mathematics, plasma physics and geo-astrophysics. [[/caption]]

[[image - photograph of Boeing-Vertol 107 helicopter]]
[[caption]] Boeing-Vertol 107 helicopter shown with famous Boeing 707 jetliner, world's most popular airliner. Boeing is world leader in jet transportation. [[/caption]]

[[image - photograph of Boeing B-52H]]
[[caption]] Boeing B-52H shown carrying mockups of Skybolt air-launch ballistic missiles. B-52s are also jet-fast platforms for Hound Dog guided missiles, and in addition carry regular load of gravity bombs. [[/caption]]

[[image - photograph of Supersonic Boeing BOMARC missile]]
[[caption]] Supersonic Boeing BOMARC, longest-range air defense missile in U.S. Air Force arsenal, is now operational at Air Defense Command bases. New "B" model has range of more than 400 miles. [[/caption]]

[[image - drawing of Boeing 115-foot hydrofoil craft]]
[[caption] Drawing of 115-foot hydrofoil craft Boeing is building for U.S. Navy. Riding out of water, craft will "fly" at speeds up to 45 knots on underwater wings. [[/caption]


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