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Clubs Around the World
Puerto Ricans Call on All Alumni of the Institute To Resist Measures Aiding Communists and Dictators
A resolution approved by the Alumni Club of M.I.T. in Puerto Rico this year reviewed recent developments in Puerto Rico and concluded:
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Club of Puerto Rico resolves:
To devote attention and effort, in an aggressive and vigorous campaign, to bring the conviction on the part of every graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that, as part of his civic duties, the following are to be comprised, by reason of their utmost importance:
(1)Strive for and strengthen the recognition of the right to derive profits from one's private property as a fundamental human right, in addition to these of life and persona liberty.
(2)Bear in mind constantly that such right to derive profits from one's private property carries with it the not voidable duty on the part of the beneficiary thereof, to contribute through his activities and his property, to the general welfare of the community in which he lives and where his wealth is located, in such measure as may be necessary for the health, well-being and material and cultural progress of its inhabitants.
(3)To oppose, by legal means, all measures and actions which may lead to the establishment of dictatorships and Communism.
(4)The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Club of Puerto Rice wishes to join in the fulfillment of the aspirations discussed above and will gladly provide facts and figures in usable form concerning the accomplishments and methods used in Puerto Rico. In support of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alumni in countries affected and interested, we will collaborate in ever legal way possible in the attainment of the ends described above. 
Copies of the resolution were sent to Chairman James R. Killian Jr, '26, of the M.I.T. Corporation by Raúl G. Méndez, '55, President of the Club. 

Taiwan Sends a Scroll As Centennial Gift
The M.I.T. Club of Taiwan has 57 members scattered all over the 13,800-square-mile island, but only about one-third of them living around Taipei can attend its quarterly meetings, usually held at the National Science Hall- the meeting place so chosen for not only its physical facilities but for the availability of a chef whose culinary products please the most fastidious palates. At the July 20 meeting in Science Hall, Club President Jun-An Lo, '21, reported on M.I.T. President Julius A. Stratton's acknowledgement of the club's Centennial gift of a Chinese water-color scroll painting, executed for the occasion by artist Ran In Tin. 
Treasurer Nai-Ping Ni, '45, who recently married Miss Teh-chun Chow at Taipei, reviewed the club's financial year and reported it as satisfactory. A hearty welcome was extended to Omar Wing, '52, a Fulbright Lecturer at the Chiao Tung University Research Institute of Electronics, who visited the club for the first time with his charming wife, daughter of C. T. Chien, '22. 
We then elected our 1961-96 officers: Man C. Chan, '26, President; Wen S. Lu, '20, Vice-president; Yu-chi Chang, '58, Secretary; and Nai-ping Ni, '45, Treasurer. -- Yu-chi Chang, '58, Secretary, 34 Roosevelt Road, Sec. I, Taipei, Taiwan. 

The Alumni in Haifa Hold Centennial Dinner
A highly successful dinner meeting was held in May to celebrate M.I.T.'s Centennial. Thirty members and guests with their wives came to the Faculty Club of the Technion in Haifa. The guest speaker was Edwin S. Burdell, '20, Consultant President of the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, who delighted his listeners with a brilliant and witty talk on education. Club members were happy to meet Mrs. Burdell. 
President Joseph G. Zeitlen, '39, is departing for sabbatical leave and will be with the department of engineering at U.C.L.A. for one year. Chaim Swirsky, '33, will be acting president until the elections in the fall. I. Minkoff, '56, Secretary, Department of Metallurgy, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel. 

Buenos Aires Celebrates Centennial at Dinner
On April 10, the M.I.T. Club of Buenos Aires celebrated M.I.T.'s 100th anniversary at a dinner at the American Club. Nineteen Alumni attended the dinner, which was a great success. The club is headed by Luciano A. Presloran, '22, President, and -- Eduardo V. Oxenford, '45, Secretary-Treasurer, Las Heras 2738, San Isidro, Argentina.  

The Centennial Greetings Are Heard in Tokyo
The M.I. T. Association of Japan celebrated the Centennial by listened to the sound tape of remarks by Dr. Stratton, greetings from the President of the U.S., and Dr. Killian's principal address. Clinton B. Conway, '24, brought the tape to Japan, and wrote later of his visit to the club: "In addition to Mrs. Conway and me, who were listed as 'main guests,' Edwin E. Aldrin, '17, of New Jersey was present. . . . [as were] a group of more than 60, including ten or twelve ladies. 
"Instead of a formal dinner, the meeting was more on the order of some of our cocktail parties. . . . By standing or sitting in small groups, which were constantly being changed, everyone had an opportunity to become well acquainted with the others. This lasted from about five to seven and was in the International House. 
"Following this, the group assembled and the tape was played. Everyone followed the recording with great interest. Had the speakers been present in person they could not have had a more attentive audience. At the end there was much applause. I then showed slides which I had taken of the inauguration of President Stratton and such of the associated Alumni Day activities (remember the rain?) as I could get. I also showed a few slides of the 1957 Alumni Conference. These were supplemented by slides taken by Japanese Alumni on their recent visits. One group included a visit to the home of Dean Harold Hazen, '24, and the summer home of another professor on Lake Winnipesaukee. . .
"The meeting ended about nine and we came away with the feeling of a wonderful welcome to Tokyo, the largest city in the world, which we had first seen only nine hours earlier. We were received with a spirit of friendliness which we were to find all over Japan." 
At this meeting we noted that our Association was established fifty years ago in 1911 under the presidency of the late Baron Takuma Dan, '78. At the conclusion, Y. Chatani, '22, presented each of us ash trays given by his classmate, Robert Tonon, '22, to commemorate the Centennial. -- Shikao Ikehara, '28, President, M.I.T. Association of Japan, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Oh-Okayama, Meguro-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. 

Vidura Vithilol Talks to the Thailand Club
Luang Vidura Vithilol, '25, spoke to 30 members of the "M.I.T. Club of Thailand" at our fourth annual meeting on June 30 at the Plaza Hotel in Bangkok. At the meeting were Bisal Sukhumvid, '23, President; Toum Hutasing, '55, Secretary; Sunt Techakumpuch, '53, and Prasong Hetrakul, '58, Assistant Secretaries, and also one of our newer members, Sivavong Changkasiri, '58, who has been back from M.I.T. for only a year. 
I have just been "welcomed" into the club officially after being back home for almost two years. -- Adul Pinsuvana, '59, Directorate of Air Engineering, Royal Thai Air Force, Bangkok, Thailand. 

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