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These notes are being written in September at the time when the side effects of hurricane Carla (my youngest daughter's name) are blowing things about in Rhode Island. Your four-secretary team is ready for action and will do its best to report class news.
Justin M. (Chuck) Kearney died on August 3. Our sympathy goes to his wife Mary and their two daughters. . . . Daniel M. Lewis, Jr., died on March 2. Our sympathy is with his wife Dorothy and their family.
Ernest J. Greenwood is now operations manager at the Norden Division of United Aircraft in Connecticut. He has been active in designing aircraft speed regarding devices, arresting gears, and aircraft control drives, and holds several patents in these areas. . . . Wilfred MacDonnell, President of Great Lakes Steel Corporation, was awarded an honorary doctor of engineering degree by Lawrence Institute of Technology in Detroit on June 4. He was also the commencement speaker. William. L. Timmerman has established Timmerman Marketing, Inc., at 1013 Hope Street, Stamford, Conn., to serve the electronics industry in that area as a manufacturers' sales engineering agency. he was formerly regional manager for Miniature Precision Bearings, Inc.
Word has been received of two more sons of classmates who are now attending M.I.T.: Peter Michael Fitz, son of Mrs. Carol H. Klein Fitz and Howard I. Fitz, '24, and Phillip Martin, son of Stuart Martin. . . . Our class was not represented by large numbers at the Alumni Day last June. However, the following classmates were present: Henry A. Morss, Jr., Israel Nigrosh and Mrs. Nigrosh, Chester A. Tudbury and Mrs. Tudbury, Paul Wing, Jr. and Mrs. Wing, Walter Wrigley and Mrs. Wrigley, and Robert S. Miller. . . . George A. Fowles is back in Cambridge this fall to attend the Advanced Management Program at the Harvard Business School. This is a 13-week course to which men are sent companies to assist in giving them the "broad view."
E. Philip Kron wrote, in May, and I quote in part from his letter to me: "My son, Philip Chandler gets his master's degree from the Tuck School at Dartmouth College this June, and he has accepted a job with Price Waterhouse in New York City. Of course, Eleanor and I are quite thrilled about this even though a little concerned that our oldest will definitely be away from the nest permanently. It is some relief though to have one off from the payroll, but we still have two to go. Of course, here in Rochester we all have been very busy working for the Second Century Fund on which I serve as sort of minister without portfolio. Actually, I have been sort of assistant area chairman doing a lot of leg work for Howie Samuels, the area chairman. I made all the arrangements for both of the telephone reports from Rochester and had the very pleasant privilege of introducing Dr. H. Guyford Stever, one of the principal speakers at our M.I.T. Club of Rochester Centennial Dinner. I have finally completed my twenty years in the United States Air Force Reserve and applied for honorary retirement as a lieutenant colonel. I hope to be able to continue my duties, however, as an Air Force Academy liaison officer which is a nice supplement to my responsibilities as an M.I.T. educational counselor."—Malcolm S. Stevens, Secretary, Westfall-Chaffee Laminates, Inc., P. O. Box 93, West Barrington, R.I.; Other Secretaries, G.K. Crosby, Longwood Road, Huntington, W. Va.; J.P. Eder, 1 Lockwood Road, Riverside Conn.; Harold E. Thayer, 415 West Jackson Road, Webster Groves 19, Mo.

Welcome back after an interesting and active summer. The first annual Class of 1935 Golf Tournament is down to the quarter-finals at this point with the following still in the running: Bill Barker, Nashua; Bob Granberg, Needham; Leo Beckwith, Kernwood at Salem; Dick Bailey, Ridgefields at Kingsport, Tenn.; Hal Bemis, Merion at Ardmore, Pa.; Bill Bennett, Hermitage at Richmond, Va.; Bill Cross, North Shore at Menasha, Wis.; and Allan Mowatt, Weston. Quarter-final and semi-final matches will be played before the next month's notes are due. . . . Gerry Rich, Regional Secretary, was my host for a round of golf at the beautiful Pasatiempo Course at Santa Cruz, Calif., at the time of a trip to WESCON in August. He describes in his own words some exciting news: "Much has happened to me in this last few months which has tended to isolate me from activities in the outside world. In March I resigned from Sylvania after 22 years and started consulting in management and engineering. There followed a rather intense campaign for consulting jobs which turned out to be fairly successful. One of the companies hired me for eight weeks and finally after I had planned an organized everything in sight, I was hired as general manager. The company is Stewart Engineering in Santa Cruz, Calif., which, with a total employment of 75, enjoys about a fifth of the total market in backward wave oscillator tubes. It has a great potential and it is a good opportunity for me. We are busy (my wife and I) going through the process of selling our house and building another in Santa Cruz area. Incidentally, we bought a lot on the 13th fairway of Pasatiempo Golf Course in Santa Cruz so maybe we can play there the next time you come out. Meanwhile, I am commuting 60 miles a day and working evenings at home." . . . Gordon Scowcroft left the United Fruit Company, September 1 to become vice-president in charge of new products at Lever Brothers in New York City. Congratulations and best wishes from all of us. We will report his new address as soon as he is located.
Wes Loomis and his wife Polly were off to Europe for a month as of September 15. Wes brings us up to date with the following most welcome letter: "I have seen Bill Cross, who now is president of Kimberly-Clark International but have not seen Art Croxson, who is also located in Neenah, Wis., although I hear about him on occasions when I run into Bill. Jack Ballard, in Milwaukee, is also an enigma, but I did have a nice visit sometime back with Jack Colby at a Regional Meeting of the SCF. Al Alschuler is a very successful architect here in Chicago and from time to time we have communications in connection with the Chicago M.I.T. Club Scholarship Fund. I do see Jack Burton on frequent occasions when in New York, and through him keep up to date on Pete Grant. Hal Bemis and I have an occasional get-together and find it quite easy to pick up where we left off. Charlie Taylor has lost himself on St. Simon's Island, Ga., where he is in complete retirement, and I do mean complete. So you can see that if anyone is in need of a class reunion, it is me. Polly and I live in Northfield, which is some 15 minutes from my office here in Des Plaines. This is very convenient and negates the commuting problem which is usually associated with metropolitan living. We have three children. Betsy, who is 20, has just been graduated from Colby Junior College and plans to go to Columbia University next year with a view to obtaining B.S. Degree and an RN three years hence. Our 18-year-old boy, Jonathan, graduates from North Shore Country Day School this year and will be spending next year in Scotland at the Gordonstoun School. Our post war effort, Fred, turns 11 years old today and he is as lively as any 11-year-old youngster could be. Polly still puts up with me, although I am sure that she finds it quite difficult; but after 24 years our gals become somewhat calloused in putting up with the faults of their husbands. As far as I am concerned, I am a flabby 48 and somewhere above my 179-pound rowing weight. We do enjoy an occasional round of golf, but I hardly find myself in what Bill Haines would have called 'condition.' General Telephone Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Telephone and Electronics Corporation. We publish telephone directories for General System subsidiaries, as well as for some 250 other independent telephone companies. These other clients include Hawaiian Telephone & Telegraph Company, Southern Nevada Telephone Company (Las Vegas), Winter Park Telephone Company (Winter Park, Fla.,), etc. So you can see that our business is quite widespread; in fact, we currently operate in some 38 states. It has been a most interesting and profitable experience as our company has grown tremendously during the six years I have been associated with it. Our operating report has shown steady improvement each year. Because of the geographical spread of our operation, you can well imagine that my travel demands have been great; in fact, our whole staff is pretty much on the go most of the time." Wes is president of this growing company. He managed to win the first two rounds in the class tournament until he came up against Bill Barker.
Ned Collins writes he is busy opening new executive offices in the Merchandising Mart in Chicago. His company is E.J.

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