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Outstanding New Books from McGraw-Hill

INTRODUCTORY SYSTEMS ANALYSIS: Signals and Systems in Electrical Engineering
By WILLIAM A. LYNCH, and JOHN G. TRUXAL, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. The McGraw-Hill Electrical and Electronic Engineering Series.         Ready now. 
This work, the first of a two volume sequence, has been prepared primarily for the undergraduate course in Introductory Electrical Engineering and focuses attention to linear system analysis, electronic circuits and analog simulation and computation. A handy reference for practicing engineers seeking an introductory treatment of linear system analysis. 

By GEORG VON BEKESY, Harvard University. McGraw-Hill Series in Psychology.              $25.00
An eminent international psychologist and physicist makes available to physiologists and psychologists the results of his unique ground-breaking experiments in the field of hearing. Over the years, von Bekesy has created his own experiments and has established physiological and neurological facts concerning hearing which have advanced this field considerably. The book is based on most of the papers published by the author during the last 30 years. 

By WILLIAM LILLER, Harvard College Observatory.
                                       Ready now. 
This book is the product of a lecture series given at the University of Michigan Department of Astronomy during the 1959-60 academic year on the aspects of astronomy and astrophysics which are concerned with or can be studied from outer space. Many of these lectures by leading space scientists are made available to students and scientists here for the first time. 

By BENJAMIN GEBHART, Cornell University
                              454 pages, $10.75
A senior level text and reference book containing a description of the physical processes, theories and methods of analysis in the field of heat transfer. The theories and fundamental formulations of the three modes of heat transfer are followed by phase change processes, combined mode analysis, exchange design, and analogues. The physical nature of heat transfer processes is emphasized. 

By JOSEPH E. SHIGLEY, University of Michigan. The McGraw-Hill Mechanical Engineering Series.
                         Ready in June, 1961. 
This is a combination volume of the author's KINEMATIC ANALYSIS OF MECHANISMS and his DYNAMIC ANALYSIS OF MACHINES (both available separately.) This is a junior-level text to bridge the gap between engineering mechanics courses and the professional courses in mechanical design. The tools of dynamic analysis are studied and used to synthesize and analyze the motions, velocities. and accelerations of many mechanisms. Then, a more useful tool is introduced, the three-dimensional unit vector approach, for the solution of space mechanisms. 

By D. W. R. McKINLEY, National Research Council, Ottawa, Canada.                       Ready in May, 1961.
A technically sound and highly interesting review of the study of meteors slanted toward the radio engineer. Major emphasis is placed on the interesting and useful connections that have developed in recent years between the modern science of radio and the small flying particles known as meteors. 

By M.A. SCHULTZ, Engineering Manager, Westinghouse Testing Reactor, Waltz Hill, Pennsylvania.
                                      462 pages, $12.50
A revision and up-dating of a unique book concerned with the use of servomechanism techniques as a method for the control of nuclear power plant. The new material includes concepts that have arisen since the original publication, and the author has made some of the original ideas more applicable by including material on reactors other than the pressurized water type. Basic control problems of all types of reactors from homogeneous reactors to boiling reactors are handled. 

By L.V. HERKNER, Graduate Research Center, Inc., Dallas; and HUGH ODISHAW, National Academy of Sciences-Space Science Board.                  458 pages, $7.00.
This new book comprehensively discusses the opportunities and problems presented by space. Much of the book is devoted to an exploration of the interests and needs of research in physics, astronomy, geophysics and geology, and the biological sciences. 

By RICHARD GREINER, University of Wisconsin. The McGraw-Hill Electrical and Electronic Engineering Series. 
                              Ready in May, 1961.
An advanced work explaining how diodes and transistors function and are used in circuits. A thorough discussion of the properties of semiconductors and junctions leads into an analysis of the transistor operation. Extensive application of the transistors to a variety of signal circuits, a detailed description of switching effects and switching circuits, and many completely worked example problems are included. 

By HERMAN E. KOENIG, Michigan State University; and WILLIAM A. BLACKWELL, General Dynamics Corporation. The McGraw-Hill Electrical and Electronic Engineering Series.
                                    Ready in July, 1961.
This pioneering work introduces into the literature of engineering a "discipline of lumped-parameter system analysis." This discipline is based on an expanded concept of conventional electrical network theory, and thereby brings into the domain of E.E. analysis a vastly broader scope of problems. The book develops the discipline, and shows specifically how a single set of engineering concepts is applied to the analysis of a wide variety of mixed systems. 

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