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The World's Greetings

There were 600 marchers in the academic procession that Chief Marshal David Allan Shepard, '26, led across Massachusetts Avenue when the trumpets sounded on April 9 for the Centennial Convocation. Mr. Shepard carried the mace and wore a new scarlet robe and hat, designed for the occasion, and the gowns and hoods of nearly all the world's great schools were in the line of march behind him. The day was fair, and in addition to the throng present thousands saw the procession on television. 

Mrs. Karl Taylor Compton gave the invocation. Greetings to the Institute then were delivered from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by Governor John A. Volpe; from American universities, by President Harlan  H. Hatcher of the University of Michigan; from foreign universities, by Professor John Fleetwood Baker of the University of Cambridge; from students, by Joseph Harrington, 3d,'61; from Alumni, by their Association's President Clarence L. A. Wynd, '27;  and from the Faculty, by Institute Professor John Clark Slater. The response was given by President Stratton.
Music for the occasion by the M.I.T. Concert Band, the Choral Society, and the Boston Brass Ensemble included a Centennial Overture written by Gregory Tucker, Associate Professor of Music, and fanfares composed by Andrew Fenton Kazdin, '57. 

An Intellectual Feast

Attendance at M.I.T. Centennial events reached a peak on Saturday morning, April 8, when panels of scholars discussed how science has changed man's view of himself, the future of the arts in a world of science, and the future of the physical sciences. 

That afternoon other panels considered the difficulties of arms control, the life of man in industry, and the future of life sciences. 

Because of the throng interested in the discussions of science, two of the groups were transferred from the Compton Lecture Hall to the Armory, Closed-circuit 


Vannevar Bush, '16, Alfred P. Sloan, Jr., '95, James McCormack, '37, and John J. Wilson, '29, at the Convocation.


Chief Marshal Shepard, '26 led scholars from every part of the world in the world in the Centennial academic procession on April 9.

television carried the proceedings to tents pitched near the Kresge Auditorium, and to many of the Institute lounges. A large TV screen in the Kresge Auditorium proved especially attractive to many unable to obtain seats up front in the Cage. 
The Salute to Mr. Sloan

Second Century Fund leaders at M.I.T. for the Centennial ceremonies honored Alfred P. Sloan, Jr., '95, their honorary chairman, at a breakfast in the Statler, and heard that approximately half of the $66,000,000 being sought had already been pledged. 

An unscheduled speaker was the President's Special Assistant for Science and Technology, Jerome B. Wiesner, who pointed out that the problems he faces from the White House have long been considered at M.I.T. Others who spoke included President Stratton, John J. Wilson, '29, general chairman of the Fund, and Philip H. Peters, '37, chairman of the Fund's Area Organization. 

May, 1961

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