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held a similar position at the Yerkes Research Lab in Buffalo. He and Peggy have three children, Kevin, Kathleen and Brian. . . . Arthur Orenberg is living in Lexington and working at the National Company in Malden. His work at the National is concerned with the development of Atomichron, an atomic frequency standard. Art and Annabelle have three children, Ellen Ruth, Joan Robin and Robert Scott. . . . Gene Oster is doing applied research at General Electric in Lynn and attending graduate school at the Institute. . . . Dick Packard, after teaching for a while at Northeaster, is now with Cevite Transistor Products as a development engineer. He and Lola and their son and daughter live in Wakefield, Mass. . . . Archie Padis had been promoted to commander and is serving as engineering officer aboard the USS Yorktown. . . . John Paige is senior group leader in charge of synthetic rubber product and process development at the Naugatuck Chemical Division of the U.S. Rubber Company. John and Dorothy have their home in Naugatuck and have three daughters, Mary, Nadia and Cynthia.
 Al Parr is in Valhalla, N.Y., where he was one of the founders of Power-Tronic Systems, Inc., specializing in auto control components and sub-systems. . . . John Pasieka, gives as a highlight of his recent activities that he is "aging steadily," and is living in South Acton. John and his wife Patricia have one son, John Jr. . . . Tony Pate is group supervisor of the digital computer section at Bell Aircraft in Buffalo. . . . Marc Pearlman is guiding his construction firm, Sterling Engineering and Construction Company, through its fifth year. He and Elenor have three boys and are living in Pawtucket. . . . Norm Peterson is a research associate at Brooklyn Polytechnic and is writing a laboratory manual for physical chemistry. Norm, Maxine, and their two sons are living in Brooklyn. . . . Bill Pinkham reports that his family (Sybil, Cindy and Billy) have a new home 12 miles outside Washington, D.C. . . . Bill Plouffe, after spending several years with A.D. Little and Raytheon, has for the last two years been with Atkins and Merrill in Sudbury. Bill is a direct and treasurer of the firm, which specializes in industrial scale models. . . . Gordon Potter is a partner in the firm of Potter and Potter, architects, of Honolulu. Gordon and Jeanne have four children, Michelle, Richard, John and Suzanne.
 Morton Prince has been appointed general manager of the semiconductor division of Hoffman Electronics. He and his wifeBlanche and their daughter Judith Ann live in Altadena. . . . Willard Prince spent the winter of 1959-60 in Stockholm, Sweden, working in an architect's office, and travelled in Europe with his family before returning to the U.S. last July. He and Elizabeth and Sarah and Jeffrey now are living in Rome, N.Y. . . . Fred Radcliffe is a partner in the firm of Radcliffe and ross, Civil Engineers and Surveyors, in Ivoryton, Conn. Fred and Jeanne have two children, Kathryn and Fred, Jr. . . . Ken Rathbum left Experiment, Inc., of Richmond, Va., in

[[Footer on left]] MAY, 1961

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September of 1957 to become associate professor in the mechanical engineering department at the University of Texas. Ken is developing the new jet propulsion laboratory at Texas. He and his wife Kitty have two sons, Larry and Randy. . . . Guy Redmond, also in Texas, is with Change Vought Aircraft in Dallas. . . . Don Reed is working as engineering geologist with Haley and Aldrich of Cambridge, Mass. . . . Olaf Remmler is working at the radio communications and systems division of the National Bureau of Standards at Boulder, Colorado. . . . Ed Richards is with Monsanto, ad manager of marketing research for the inorganic division, since leaving U.S. Steel in 1959. Ed and Nancy live in St. Louis and have two boys and two girls. . . . John Richardson has been transferred back to the Tonawanda Lab of the Line Company. He and Lois and their two daughters have a new home in Williamsville, N.Y.
 Jim Robinson is a technical chief supervisor with DuPont in Whitehall, Mich. Jim and Evelyn have three children, Bradford, Leslye and Regan. . . . Ed Rolfe is manager of the physics department at Raytheon in Wayland. He and his wife Stephanie have one daughter, Wendy Hazel, and live in Lincoln, Mass. . . . Gerald Rose, now an attorney with the patent law department of the Standard Oil Company, has recently received the degree of Master of Patent Laws from the John Marshall Law School in Chicago. . . . Paul Rothery is directing metallurgical failure analysis and process development activities at Hamilton Standard. Paul and his wife, Jan, and daughter, Jill, live in Suffield, Conn., and have recently become active in the Appalachian Mountain Club. . . . Steve Chamberlin is supervisor os J-93 turbine design at General Electric's jet engine department in Cincinnati. Steve and Jean have two daughters, Jean and Carol, and live in Loveland, Ohio. . . . Bill Ward recently joined the International Nickel Company's Los Angeles Field Division. . . . Bob Wedan, as of last summer, was in St. Petersburg, Fla., working on the "Centaur" inertial guidance system for the Minneapolis Honeywell. . . . A card from John Weeks says that he is "mostly in the technical writing and publishing game, otherwise see above." "Above" are listed five children: John, Mary, Steve, Kate and Webb. . . . Louis Weinberg, besides being a father of two, a fellow in IRE, fellow in AAAS, U.S. representative to the USRI General Assembly, and president of the Hughes Aircraft Company branch of the Research Society of America, is finishing a book on "Network Analysis and Synthesis." Louis and Isabella are living in Los Angeles and were expecting their third child shortly after we last heard from them. . . . Fred Weitz writes form Des Moines that he and Emily and Alice have just moved into a new home, next door to Greg Gentleman. 
  Walt Wells earned his Ph.D. at the Institute last year. Walt is married and has two children. He lives in Lexington and is working at Lincoln Lab. . . . Bob White, designing submarines, is in Ston-

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ington, Conn. Bob and Eleanor have three children, Jocelyn, Robert and Julie. . . . Mal Whitlock is in Media, Pa. He and Mil have two daughters, and Bob lists among his recent accomplishments election to the presidency of the local PTA and breaking 90 on the golf course. . . . Des Whittinghill is staff manager and methods engineer with Campbell Soup. He says that he is taking up gold, dropping ice hockey and softball, holding onto tennis, is loaded down with household repairs and remodeling, and occasionally finds time for HO trains. Des and Norma and their two sons live in Morristown, N.J. . . . Dr. Bernard Wildrow has recently joined the faculty at Stanford as assistant professor of electrical engineering. He and Ronna and Leslie Ann live in Menlo Park. . . . Across the continent, Tony Winfisky, who also has a daughter named Leslie Ann, plus two sons named Paul and Jonathan, is professor of fine arts at Salem Teachers College in Salem, Mass. . . . Bill Wintz is teaching sanitary engineering and higher surveying at L.S.U. Bill and Mary have a considerable roster of children: Al, Anne, Rikki, Cathie, Nancie, Bert and Sherri.
 Herb Woddson is still with the EE department at the Institute. Herb and Blance have two sons, Bill and Bob. . . . Bob Woolworth mentions two trips to Turkey for foundation investigations for a refinery. Bob and Sylvia have a son, Bob Jr., and a daughter, Vicki. . . . Gordon Van Wylen, who is now a chairman of the mechanical engineering department at the University of Michigan, has recently published an undergraduate text in thermodynamics. Gordon and Margaret have four children, Elizabeth, Stephen, Ruth and David. . . . Victor Yancey has joined the aerospace division at Boeing in Seattle, after eight years with Wright Air Development Center in Ohio. . . . Earl Yates, now a commander and father of five, is commanding officer of heavy attack squadron nine. As of last summer, earl has orders to the Air War College at Maxwell AFB, in Alabama. . . . This is the last call for any undecided members of the class who still do not know whether they will attend the reunion. Please come if you can. We are looking forward to seeing you.--Richard W. Willard, Secretary, Box 105, Littleton, Mass.; Robert S. Gooch, Assistant Secretary, 407 Dancing Building, Fort Worth 2, Texas.

 No notes this month, but don't forget the cocktail party at the Faculty Club no June 9, 1961. . . . Details next issue.--Dana M. Ferguson, Secretary, 242 Great Road, Acton, Mass.

 Very brief notes. . . . am fully "snowed." A progress report on the 1961 Alumni Fund came in. Good ole'53

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