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Southern Surety Company of New York
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January 1, 1932.

Dear Raymond:

I enclose the usual monthly statement.

As it is necessary to get down town to have this letter leave to-day. It will be brief.

Nothing further has been done in regards to purchase of ATT. it is above your price at this time [[9]] (subject to change with-out notice: up or down?) therefore puts one in a ticklish position. Will request a friend at Hornblowers. to keep me posted. I also enclose Forcast received from that office which might be of interest.

Miss Thomson. is not out yet, but, still tells me she will be before end of week.

Have not received exact amount of balance of Needy. Will let you know the amount as soon as received: Should be approximately $3000. Others are as follows:

Esther & Helen. Framers & Mechanics Savings.       $1203.75 Each.

Philip & Robert. Natick Five Cents Savings. $1208.16 Each.

Frank & Edwin. Charlestown Five Cents Savings. $1228.43 Each.

Asset account is about the same without Elevated Pfd, also $1000. in cash, plus Henry note. Will also give list later. Am going to make one of the tax reports, in which I agree to their assessments with exception of Hotel, which is put at $18,000. Land of down town property at $10,000. instead of $12,000. If accepted would make $9000. less.

Will get further information on the Montreal Bank on that 15 cent weekly charge. If possible would pay Archie four weeks in advance with withdrawal order, which he could cash himself.

Happy new year.
Your brother,