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William E. Brooks Agent
2 Main Street
Framingham, Mass.
January 13,1932.

Dear Raymond:

Am of opinion all will agree on any sale of the 80 shares of Telephone. The main idea is: if we could make $1000. cash to grab-it. We have all taken a swift kick from letting real profits slip, by being too damned optimistic. If sold, don't we think it will be repurchased unless at original price or lower, with agreements by all. 

I wish to correct balance of Needy Relatives, to read as $2986.68 January 1,1932. instead of $2970.68. Letter received from bank was dated January 7th, and was to that date as $16.00 was forwarded on 1932 account. It seems $4.00 too much was sent to Archie. Was asked if we wanted it to stand, or otherwise. Advised making payments $1.00 per week less for four weeks. Will expect Archie to have his secretary write and register a kick.

Have sent bill to Miss Thomson. to the amount of $164.47. as follows: Rent $150.00, Water $9.47, Broken Porcelain Cover(Toilet)$5.00. Hope to get it sometime. No damage to house, in fact, two ceilings are whitened, attic painted some, also room over shed. I will have to clean up cellar and take out ashes.

Here is a list of birthdays:
Esther. May 31, 1908.    Helen. April 10, 1910.
Philip. July 26,1911.    Robert. April 12,1918.
Frank. March 16,1918.    Edwin. November 2,1921.

Think mother would like to take up the alibi. States, if one should say anything about leaving, will not be stopped.

Am feeling fine, except wearing belt, also advice to be careful. Am very sorry to hear your hind legs are punk. If we could find a cure for depression, it would improve health and other things.

Your brother,

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