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Southern Surety Company of New York




February 1, 1932.

Dear Raymond:

One moremonth is gone, the usual monthly statement is enclosed.

Thanks for your wish on the operation outcome. I am feeling O. K. However have had and examination for insurance; particually for a reduction in rate charged. Am informed examination finds, kidneys, heart, lungs etc, very good, but, on account of operation, it will be necessary for examination about June 1st. This is similar to the good stock prices: how come?

We did not dispose of any American Telephone stock on this upward movement. Sorry, but couldn't be done on the $1000. profit as decided. If we had sold, it was our intention to deposit the $4000. limit in our Savings Banks, with balance to same Trust account, until such time as it might be used again. Interest for loan was $14.45 Balance. $6135.97. 

The Bank of Montreal deposit only netted $146.00 extra, but at rate of weekly amount sent should be good for and additional 18 weeks. We intend to send check to Archie to amount of $32.00 every four weeks; it will be necessary for him to put a 2 cent revenue stamp on each check, think it is the least he could do, but, will expect to hear from him about it, even though he will get th information from me in first letter inclosing the check. In sending one check, clerk at bank used only two cents for postage, this caused a delay at local P.O. who notified them next day, that, one more cent in postage was necessary. Suppose this caused a slight delay in the receiving for Archie. Understand he wrote to bank and suggested that postage to amount of three cents be used, instead of causing delay by using two cents postage. Interest for account of loan was 83cents.

Will probably send $5.00 assessment sometime previous to 15th, while it may seem foolish, would state, Father sent $225.00 for the Fortuna, therefore $5.00 or $10.00 more wont do a great amount of harm.