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Southern Surety Company of New York

Surety Bonds and Casualty Insurance

Home office | III John Street

New York City

William E. Brooks, Agent
2 Main Street

Framingham, Mass.,

April 22, 1932.

Dear Raymond:

Understand you were in Detroit when Henry and (his chief worry) were there. For this reason am sure you could not have received my letter of the 9th, previous to their arrival.

There is no difference in mortgage money due from Mc Cann. Abdelmaseh. and Sullivan. excepting the following:

RE: Sullivan.
Farmers & Mechanics Savings Bank. Treasurer, talked this matter over with me, yesterday, (as per letter enclosed) asking if we would assume the mortgage held by them; without extra cost of papers, or not? I told him, that, according to a meeting of the four of us, that we would not, as we had enough real estate now, and would not consider it. We are given to May 2, 1932. for a change of minds; at which time sale proceedings will commence.

RE: Abdelmaseh.
Am still getting promises, as usual. $100.000 plus $12.22 State tax is due from April 12th. $3000. of insurance will expire on May 14th. Notified Abdelmaseh. also Co-Operative Bank. that I would not assume this additional expense without payment of same plus interest due. Bank states the account is six months in arrears at their office. Bank states they will insist on insurance.

11 A.M. quotations at hand to day are ATT. 99.50 Drug, Inc. 38.375. Am still looking for advice.

Received $20. from Donnelly Co. today, but am looking for $20. more to cover year 1932. as per agreement. Reason for getting this amount was that, I happened to see their truck on property April 20th, at which time they were ordered off. In letter of acknowledgement of over.

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Lots of periods. not sure I was supposed to add all of them so I did it anyway.

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