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June 30, 1932. 

Dear Raymond: 

I enclose the usual monthly statement. Let me tell you, this convention broadcast is raising hell with business; that is, what there is. The Rosevelt. nomination has just been announced, and the demonstration is on. However I will try to finish this letter. Mother was up with us until 2 A.M. today.

In regards to lease, we assume it to be an original, the other, held by Schmaltz. is the same. Ne Lawyer was present, which accounts to no seals; We hope this is correct, if not, all we can say is more experience. 

In regards to the Sullivan. case will agree, that they would be pleased to have us assume the note, but, if things would improve they would be sitting pretty, on account of the location. Was approached by the same Bank Treasurer this morning, in regards to us assuming the Piscitello Mortgage also. Interest for our account is due since May 29th. I hope we dont get another kick, in the same place. Expect that fire in case of Abdelmaseh. will help a bit. The companies made satisfactory settlement for account of building, which is now being made over to two apartments, instead of the factory attached. Funds have been turned over to Bank, from which they are paying taxes due, also payments due to them. Before signing, order was signed by Abdelmaseh. in which we are to receive $150. being interest to July 12, 

I hope Pete is on the mend. 

I think your idea of Mary Prindiville. must be ment [[meant]] for one of the others, who still looks gaukey. 

Am still wondering what in hell to buy for investment and profit; also when. The whole list are strong companies usually. Understand Cons. Cas. has just borrowed $60,000.000 I enclose report of First National Stores from Sunday Post. 

I enclose column from Society news of Boston Sunday Herold. There is some fine furniture and furnishing over to the big house. 

Best regards to all, 
Your brother, 

P.S. Phil is not through school yet, also dosent [[doesn't]] seem to be doing much which might be termed as labor.