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Mail to Park Way,Brantwood
Summit  N.J.
August 22, 1932

Dear Bill:
Haven't heard from you for a long while and am curious to know how the plumbing jobs are coming out. Gavin was estimating that day I showed those people through the house and I suppose others submitted proposals so that you could get a decent price under the circumstances. Plumbers' pay is down in this vicinity--some shpos [[shops]] are paying their men $8 a day whileothers are only going $6 so the householder ought to get a break somewhere with all the people in need of work. 

We could certainly have made enough on FST in an 18 point jump to have paid for the plumbing but that is water over the dam and isn't any good to us in practical manner. I for one out ofmillions do not know what the latest stock market jump is ll [[all]] about. The large percentage increase is way over my head on the basis of actual improvement in business which is slight in the extreme. It is also going to be a tough winter...

I can't make any money on any rise and wasn't in on this one for the good reason that I couldn't hold on through the bad previous drop and therefore haven't the capital to go somewhere with. The worst of it is too that every damn thing my fool broker got me into on the way down went sour and every other damn thing I could have held onto in the cheap grades went out at loses [[losses]] and therafter [[thereafter]] the stock promptly went over my purchase figure enough to make me wince. But one can't do anything about it except curse the liuck [[luck]] and the broker who made more out of the deal than anyone else. I hope you are sitting pretty on the comeback... IN about 'steen years I'm going to make a killing and make up for this state of mind! What does your boy friend in Hornblower Weeks say about it all now? Do you feel like still committing the estate to 100 FST of con gas now, or what, if anything? There is going to be appreciation i [[in]] those and other stocks when the recovery sets in in truth, but the question of when this is going to happen is still very much anybodys' guess. 

Mother is well and enjoys sitting out under the trees I still enjoy a ball with Canadian rye. Pete has a touch of asthma and Ruth and us all enjoyed our trip home very much. That summarizes the latest of the Broks' in Sh rt Hills New Jersey. 

Best regards and then some, 
your brother ,