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Written at Hadley Field
New Brunswick N.J.
Sept 26, 1932

Mother Dear:

The enclosed are a few more snapshots you may want to have. The ones of Pete are the latest taken and I think you'll get a kick out of the one I took of you and aunt Sarah and Ruth and Pete the day you left. The one on the Bear Mountain bridge came out well too, didn't it? If you widh to do so you can show or give Bill the ones from the air as I was going to send them to him direct when I write him next. Keep them yourself for that matter, if y you wish....

Things are rather quiet here and I still do not know what turn events will take. The morale is not what it ought to be and no matter if there is a faint improvement in business according to the so-called leaders--I don8't think there is any guarantee of our jobs. Everyone I talk too in the company have their fingers crossed,so to speak, and none of us know what is going to take place next. Not a too happy outlook to say the least.

Pete still has a bark of sorts and every night on schedule he has a bad spell about ten o'clock. After five or ten minutes of frantic struggling for breath he seems to go back to normal and although he xxxxy may have still another spell during the night he has been sleeping better. No gain in weight to speak of and his color is bad. This m morning he spoke about he left ear and God help us is that develops a rastoid after all his summer of trouble. It is a most peculiar situation and has us all upset. The little dickens is full of mischif nowadays though and he can be "sorry" more times a day than ever before--and goes right out and crosses the road or takes the screw-driver again to once more be naughty. We don't care about that though as l long as he can stay away from the doctors and hospitals.

Ruth is as busy as ever about the house and we are still upset after having the painters in for that week. Aunt Sarah finds a lot to do and I have a deuce of a time trying to get her out in the sunshine while the weather is good. Had the boiler going this morning and figure on using it from now on intermittently. Oil is 6 1/2 or 7 cents a gallon on my contract this year.

Trust you are rested after your trip home. I think you could just as well have staid a while longer. If you want to come again anytime just pack the bag and hop the train....

All our love to you and the rest of the family.

Your son,