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Written at Hadley Field
New Brunswick, New Jersey
October 4, 1932

Mother Dear:

Ruth and I have been so tied up that there has, of course, been a delay in thanking you for the splendid gift of the room Telechrone that you sent. In view of the fact that we haven't had a satisfactory answer up to now, for the problem of continuous time in the bedroom, you know how much we appreciate your kindness. 

Peter was taken to Dr. Smith again yesterday after we became quite discouraged over his continuous bowel looseness. The doctor went carefully all over him and even put the fluoroscope on him, so that Ruth could look at his dear little beating heart, and the verdict was that he was sound as they make 'em outside of the asthma and the complaint. He gave Ruth a new food test which is radical in that there is no MILK and WHEAT allowed. That is solely to see if the asthma can be licked as he is still waking up for five or ten minute spells two or three times a night. Here is hoping for the best and thanks to you also for your words of courage. 

It beats all what there is to do in a house. the so-called Fell cleaning has us tied to the place with a lot of good hard work. My mistke the other week-end was to try to clean a varnished floor and make it worse by taking off some of the layer  sothat I had to go on and take off all the varnish(without a machine--never again) and start in fresh to recover. What a labor! Then there are awnings to come down, screens to take off and look after, a few odd plumbing jobs, more things to think of doing! It is all right only if the old job holds thro ugh and groceries, taxes and coats can be paid as now..

No change in the job situation, by the way. They are making up the budget for next year and with the out down schedule we are doing next to nothing now so the outlook is more dismal than promising. Need fo r more courage in this repect I take it. Ah weel. 

Trust you are all well and we send you and the rest of the family our love.

Your son,