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I4 November, I934

My dear Mrs. Parker:

My watercolor, "Puerto Rico: Street Corner" which was in the 68th Annual Exhibition of the American Water Color Society should be called for before five o'clock on Monday, November 19--I did not receive a claim ticket.  Also please have your man inquire about the other three--"St. Thomas: Fish Wharf"..."St. Thomas: Taxi"..."Puerto Rico: Two Houses"--and pick them up if they are still at the Fine Arts Building.  Some time ago I asked the Midtown to send for them, but have had no word as yet to the effect that they have done so.

"Street Corner" was noted in several reviews--Mrs. Breuning in the New York Post of November 3: "Walter Dehner's Puerto Rico: Street Corner" is so skied that it may escape notice, yet it deserves the neck-craning that its viewing demands, for to this artist's recognized gifts of color and vitality of expression is added an increased clarity of definition which heightens the work."

Mrs. Audrey McMahon selected "Street Corner" for the College Art American Water Color Society Rotary, but I am asking her to get along without it if she can so that you may have it during the rest of the season as I promised.  In case she feels that it is absolutely indispensable to her show, she will get in touch with you and you can let it go or not, as you think best.  I should like to accommodate Mrs. McMahon, to be sure, but on the other hand, I want you to have a chance at some of my best things.

I wonder about the shipment to Philadelphia?  Art juries return strange verdicts sometimes, and yet it doesn't seem quite right that all six of my things should have been rejected, especially since more than 1300 watercolors were hung.  Another thing that strikes me as strange is that heretofore I've always had from the Academy an acknowledgment for pictures received even in the case of those rejected and this time no word has reached me at all.  Did you make the shipment to Philadelphia and if so, will you kindly check up on it and see that the pictures get back to you? I'm not sure that it means a great deal to have one's work in a show of that size, but I don't want to lose the six pictures. 

Several excellent reviews of your showing of French watercolors and drawings have come to my attention--congratulations! I'm hoping that sometime during the course of the season you'll be putting on a group show in which a number of my things can be included, and that the comments of the press will be equally favorable.

Most cordially yours, 
Walter Dehner
Director of Art

Mrs. Theresa D. Parker
Jacques Seligmann & Co.
3 East 51, New York
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