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Mr. Delaissé   -2-  May 25, 1953

Your comments on Ms. 83 made me extremely happy, as it is definitely one of my favorites and I was glad to notice that you consider it slightly earlier than 1410. This was one of the subjects of argument with Prof. Meyer Shapiro, for, with all due respect to his great knowledge, he was tempted to date it even slightly later. In my opinion it could still be of the last years of the 14th Century, but this is a detail of no great importance. On the other hand I was surprised at your mentioning an Italian influence. I think it to be, and do excuse my ignorance, such a remarkable example of the Paris school and were we to link it with any other trend, perhaps then, a vague Flemish one.

These however, are all academic questions which I will enjoy greatly taking up with you when it is my privilege of seeing you.

You refer to the Hours of the Cleves. This is one Ms. which His Highness definitely did not want to part with.

Your suggestion of calling in the U. S. Ambassador is an excellent one and I am giving some thought to the matter. As you know, with the new Republican administration all ambassadors have been changed and I making inquiries to find out whether the new representative would be sufficiently interested in art matters to be called upon in such a case.

My trip to Europe has been postponed anew, but I do hope to be able to fly across on June 10th, landing in Paris and should I succeed doing this I might go to Brussels on the 14th and call on you in the morning of Monday, June 15th. Could you be so good as to let me know tentatively whether this date would be agreeable to you.

With renewed thanks for your kind lines and with personal greetings,

Sincerely yours,

(Germain Seligman)

Mr. L. M. J. Delaissé
Cabinet des Mss Bibliothèque royale
5 rue du Musée
Brussels, Belgium

P. S. I - Enclosed five photographs of Ms. #20, eight photographs of Ms. #68 and four photographs of Ms. #69.

P. S. II - The Ms. #28 photograph I am sending you is not the one I had in mind, but within the next couple of days I shall send you the other ones.


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