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Mr Germain Seligmann            2.

true of a series of occasional tables (Period) and hanging wall shelves. 

Thus far we have limited ourselves to the two resources recommended to us by Abraham and Straus - Pulaski Veneer Corp., of Pulaski, Va., and Frank and Son, Inc., of this city. Other contacts will follow. In each case, however, it is our definite purpose to sell these manufacturers the idea that, other than what we have brought them through AMC, we can be of considerable value to them in designing their merchandise for them. In both cases of the above mentioned manufacturers I believe we have succeeded in at least breaking the ice. Frank and Son more than Pulaski due to their proximity. It will take considerable selling and pressure to make them see the light before we have accomplished our purpose, but I am quite convinced that this can be done. It will take time and diplomacy and a pair of kid gloves, but it can be done. 

Further, the Elgin Case Co., is another instance. They are manufacturers of compacts and dressing sets, as well as cigarette cases. We have been playing with them for almost three months, yet I believe the tactics we have used and the ground work we have done will eventually land them as a steady client. 

Within a very short time we will be ready to meet with manufacturers of hampers, vegetable bins, bathroom scales, gift wares, lamps, etc. And the time is now drawing close where it will be necessary to discuss the problems concerning refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, radios, luggage, and play rooms - as well as summer furniture.

In other words there is plenty to do and we mean to do it. So far as the time element is concerned, I must admit that it is exasperating at times and the only solution and cure is patience. That we have learned. 

As Mr Loeb so aptly said, Allied continues at snails' pace. Yet I refuse to give up on them. Eventually something will come of it - in an affirmative way. For the present I am leaving them alone due to the 
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