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Mr Louis Barnet    5.

by Mr Gorman that these designs had been sent to a manufacturer in Massachusetts but had been returned because the latter was too busy to undertake them. At the same time we developed a new combination bookcase, bar and desk about which there was much enthusiasm. This was submitted to the Otis Furniture Co who also approved and were anxious to manufacture the piece.

    In the meantime, Mr Bethman had returned and was shown the dinette sets. One he liked very well but, in general, he did not think the rest measured up to a set he had brought back from Europe. However, he was very greatly intrigued by the combination piece and suggested one change which was made. He is convinced that it should be a good selling piece. He in turn referred us to the Pulaski Veneer Corp. as Otis was entirely too expensive. Pulaski was impressed with the piece but the problem of volume again arose. He suggested an AMC tieup. We saw Mr McCartin and have arranged for photostats of the design be sent to the various buyers for their comment. Pending the completion of the drawings for Mr McCartin a working drawing has been sent to Pulaski for price quotation which will go out to the buyers at the same time.

    This department, like that of Mr Ginsburg, has tremendous possibilities and Mr Bethman is anxious for us to get started on a definite program so that new ideas can be developed continually. This will take considerable time but should prove of inestimable value. In view of the fact that Mr Bethman has been tied up for almost two weeks with inventory and getting settled after his trip abroad we have not been able to get down to points. However, next week we are to get together and go over the entire matter very thoroughly and continued activity may be expected. 

    Although, strictly speaking, our original agreement did not cover package design and similar fields, we did experiment with one job with the cooperation Mr ETTINGER. So far as we know the final work was well liked by Mr Ettinger as well as Mrs SWENSON. In the meantime we were informed that Mrs SAWYER has been retained as Coordinater for the store in these matters. If you believe that we can be of value and assistance along these lines in cooperation with Mrs Sawyer we will be more than happy to do so and, further, we are well equipped to do this work as well as product design. We would appreciate your time to discuss this further so that we may arrive at a definite conclusion. 

    The matter of the lamps, designed according to IES specifications, for Mr BARNET has been worked on according to these specifications and we will have them ready for approval within the next week to ten days.  
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