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[[?]] Y.


Ritz Hotel
Place Vendome

PARIS, May 26th 1926


Although I did not have the pleasure of meeting you when I was in DETROIT during the winter, with a special exhibition of works of art which we were showing at “The sign of the mermaid”, I am taking the liberty of writing you these few lines to ask you whether you would have a little time to spare some afternoon, as I would esteem it a very great privilege to be able to take you through our Galleries.

You probably know of our place, the Ancien Palais SAGAN, by reputation, as it is one of the finest private dwellings erected during the time of LOUIS XVI. We have in it a very important collection of tapestries, 18th venture furniture, paintings, etc.....

We are also having at the present moment a special exhibition or portraits and still-life by Raymond WOOG,