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October 15th, 1937

In any case, I have just this minute found out that my very old friend, the Marquis D'Aviles has arrived at the Ritz-Carlton. I shall see him tomorrow and he should, no doubt, be able to give me the best information possible. By the way, you may know him as he is the son of the Marquesa Pinar del Rio who has that superb house right next to the Condesa de Revilla de Camargo. As soon as I have gotten in touch with him I shall report to you.

I am also sending you herewith a copy of the letter which I wrote to Anna along the ideas you outlined to me and which I hope you will approve of. I should be deeply grateful if you could give me a helping hand as it would mean an enormous lot to me.

Otherwise I cannot report much about life here, as I have been frightfully busy. Last night I went to the opening of a new show, "In Clover" which permit me to say "stinks". How people can dare to offer such nonsense to what is supposed to be a sophisticated public, is beyond me.

Clifton is throwing a party next Tuesday, which will be quite gala-gala, to stimulate the Cochranes who are producing a new show. I heard some of the music Cole Porter wrote and it is perfectly beautiful.

Otherwise all is well and under control.

If you have a minute, do drop me a line and tell me all the news that is fit to print.

In the meantime, every good wish and kindest personal regards.

As always,

Hugh Dillman, Esq.
Sandy Loam Farm
West Palm Beach, Florida