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October 22, 1937

Mr. Hans Wagen
C/o Jacques Seligmann & Co.
3 East 51st Street
New York, New York

Dear Hans:

I was very pleased to get your letter and all the information it contained. Unfortunately, I landed here in such a maze of work that it makes me fearful that my trip to Cuba will have to be post poned indefinitely. However, I am awfully glad to have the information you have given me for I might at any moment find sufficient time to fly over and the trip would carry no pleasure at all without the details of the contents of your letter.

I think your letter to Anna was absolutely perfect. You certainly will hear from her. I know that she is passing through great difficulties at present from the conversation we had over the telephone. The whole thing seems so futile for the partie[[strikethrough]]s[[/strikethrough]] [[party]] concerned seem to have no interest in helping herself. 

Isn't it amazing how careful one has to be. Someone sen[[strikethrough]]d[[/strikethrough]]t me a clipping appearing in the New York paper repeating something of a conversation that I had in The Savoy Plaza the Wednesday evening that I was there. I guess it is possibly best to stay at home as it is an utter impossibility to keep your mouth shut [[strikethrough]] for [[/strikethrough]] this applies to me at all events. 

How did Clifton's party turn out? Bound to be a success, but I am sure the details will be very amusing. 

[[strikethrough]]You[[/strikethrough]] It made me very happy to hear that the Porter music [[strikethrough]]wa[[strikethrough]] is  very beautiful. It sounds like a