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January 10th, 1938

Dear Hugh:

Our various letters and telegrams must have crossed each other "en route". I think I already acknowledged your letter of December 29th which is so nice and which I am so glad to have that I am almost thinking of having it framed to cheer me up in a moment of depression.

I think we are all somewhat relieved that the Holidays, with too many festivities, are over and life flows again in more regulated channels.

I also had a charming not from Mrs. Standish telling me how delighted Anna was over the little glass bowl you took down to her for Christmas.

People her are gradually getting Florida conscious. Maury left with Mother, dog and canary bird last week to put up his tent in Fort Lauderdale. Dwight, for whom Clifton gave a very nice farewell party last Saturday, left this morning for Jacksonville where his car will meet him, to spend a few days with Freddy Ackert in Clearwater; so you will most likely encounter his face practically any day. Thinking of all these departures, I am getting very itchy myself and wish I could run down for a brief appearance. I am terribly anxious to see how the Club looks after all these various changes you have made since I was last there, two years ago.

At the same time, I would like to talk to you about a couple of matters which I am thinking of:-

First--do I understand correctly that you want me to hold the shell you bought at the Exhibition of the Comtesse de la Morinière here until we receive further instructions from you?


GS [[?]]

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