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January 10th, 1938

Second--speaking of the shells of the Comtesse de la Morinière, I vaguely discussed with you whether an exhibition of these shells during the month of February at the Everglades Club would be possible and agreeable to you. Mrs. Stevens, who is the representative of the Comtesse de la Morinière in this country, has asked me to inquire from you in this regard. In any case, I want you to understand that I do not want you to be put to any inconvenience whatsoever, and I personally believe it is already very late to arrange and negotiate for such an exhibition as it takes approximately six weeks to have the coquilles shipped from France to Palm Beach, and by the time they arrive, the Palm Beach season may already be too much advanced. However, should you think it would be a good thing to have as an attractive, artistic novelty for the Club, I would be very glad to put all my efforts behind it. There are eight or nine pieces left over here from the exhibition we had at our galleries and Mrs. Stevens had word from the Comtessee de la Morinière that she could have 24 new pieces shipped to this country. 

Last, but not least, I wonder whether you had an opportunity to show the photograph of the beautiful Vermeil table set to Anna, which you took down with you to Palm Beach. As I had explained to you, this set can be split up into small lots, and I would appreciate it if you would let me know whether you and Anna are interested in one or the other item. I also would be obliged, should you not need the photographs any longer, if you would have them returned to me as these are the only ones we have and I would like very much to offer these items to two other clients of our house.

I am also very keen to know how the opening of the Club was, and what your impression is of the Palm Beach season this year; so if you have a moment, dictate a few lines to me and let me have your good news.

Otherwise, I hope that you started the New Year in the best of health and spirits, and with every good wish for 1938 and kindest personal regards, I am

As always,

Hugh Dillman, Esq.
Everglades Club
Palm Beach, Florida