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March 22, 1938

Dear Anna:

Since writing you yesterday, we received one of the most charming, rare, and exceptionally interesting bibelots that I don't want to miss bringing to your attention, a photograph of which you will find in the enclosure.

The object in question is a delightful, white marble statue representing Voltaire, executed by the noted French sculptor Rosset, fully signed and dated, "Rosset St. Claude, 1776".

Bibelots of this type are so rare--and this one especially is so exquisite--that I thought that such a small statue of this poet-musician might be wonderful for your library or your "salon de musique", especially as the price, $3,500, is not prohibitive.

We just received the statue and have not shown it to any one else yet. I, therefore, would appreciate if you would drop me a line to let me know your impression before we offer it to somebody else.

With many kind regards, I am,

Always faithfully

(Rolf H. Waegen)

Mrs. Hugh Dillman
Playa Riente
Palm Beach, Florida