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THE war has, naturally, made its inroad upon our students; however, we are happy to report one MASTER OF ART, forty-three BACHELORS OF ART, ten BACHELORS OF SCIENCE, seven BACHELORS OF DIVINITY, eight DOCTORS OF DENTAL SURGERY, six PHARMACISTS, four DOCTORS OF MEDICINE, two DOCTORS OF VETERINARY MEDICINE, one LAWYER, one ORGANIST from white institutions, a total of eighty-three graduates, as follows:

MASTER OF ARTS: Northwestern University, Rev. William A. Fountain.

BACHELORS OF ART: Harvard University, Lucien S. Curtis, William M. Brewer; Brown University, Rudolph J. C. Fisher; Rutgers College, Paul L. Robeson; Dartmouth College, Samuel F. Jenkins; Bates College, Burtill T. Barrow; Amherst, James B. Garrett; Radcliffe College, Caroline S. Bond, Geneva E. Jackson; Syracuse University, Leolya Nelson, William C. Anderson; Northwestern University, E. A. Wilbur Johnson, William A. Fountain, Jr., Carlyle Stewart; Hillsdale College, Fred M. Hayes, Effie Woods; Colgate University, George B. Hancock; Knox College, Adolph P. Hamblin, Lawrence E. Boyd; Mt. Holyoke College, Frances H. Williams; Western Reserve University, Perry B. Jackson; Hunter College, Alma L. Jones, Dorothy M. Hendrickson, Agnes O. Griffin, Iva R. Marshall; Temple University, Jessie M. Watkins; University of Chicago, William J. Beatty; University of Pittsburgh, Charles W. Florence, Otto V. Green; University of Kansas, Rebecca Martin, Annie I. Rogers, James A. Scott, John C. Winston; Indiana University, Alvalon Cox, Frances E. Marshall; Ohio State University, Harold F. Percival, Leo G. Robinson, Everett E. Simpson; State University of Iowa, Olga Calhoun, Emily Gross, Clement Scott; University of Minnesota, Alverta Phillips; Indiana State Normal, Jane D. Shackelford.

BACHELORS OF SCIENCE: New York University, Wilmer F. Lucas; Pennsylvania State College, Joseph L. Johnson; Ohio State University, Emmett B. Saunders, Robert G. Bruce; University of Kansas, Frank C. Heariold; Kansas State Agricultural College, Elizabeth C. May; University of Cincinnati, Mary K. Holloway, Sarah H. White; University of Southern California, Hebe L. Mack; Armour Institute of Technology, Armada T. Weathers.

BACHELORS OF DIVINITY: Yale University School of Religion, Charles S. Spiney. Howard D. Gregg; Union, Messrs. Burton and Bridgeman; Rochester Baptist, James E. Rose; Northwestern University, William A. Fountain, Jr., E. A. Wilbur Johnson.

DOCTORS OF DENTAL SURGERY: University of Michigan, Robert D. Pelham, Harvey D. Shaw; Temple University, Marcel Dartiguenave, T. Stewart Langston, John P. Lovell, Edmond O. Redhead, Cornelius E. Thomas, O. Wilson Winters.

PHARMACY: Temple University, William M. Banner, Percival L. Bedward, Anna P. Comegys, Norman L. Glenn, Edward Howell, Percival L. Martin.

DOCTORS OF MEDICINE: Rush Medical College, James E. Lee; Temple University, Frederick C. Morgan; Ohio State University, Clarence E. Thompson; Northwestern University Medical School, Blyden W. Yates.

DOCTORS OF VETERINARY MEDICINE: Ohio State University, Joseph E. Grey, John G. Slade.

LAW: University of Kansas, William H. Towers.

ORGAN: New England Conservatory of Music, Estelle A. Forster.

.  .  .  .  .  .

Adolph P. Hamblin, Knox College, was the leading athlete.

Miss Effie Woods and Mr. Fred M. Hayes, Hillsdale College, will receive State Teachers' Certificates from the Michigan Board of Education, good for four years.

James E. Lee, Rush Medical College, is the first Negro to pass the Cook County, Ill., examination for interne in the Cook County Hospital—out of 180 men who took the examination, forty-five passed with Mr. Lee among the first on the list.

Rudolph J. C. Fisher, Brown University, is a member of the Rhode Island Alpha of Phi Beta Kappa; at the beginning of his junior year he was awarded one of two Banigan

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