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Ohio State




Scholarships of $3,000 each for "marked ability": he was elected a member of the Delta Sigma Rho, a national speaking fraternity; class orator and one of three commencement speakers; final honors in biology and English.

Leolya M. Nelson, Syracuse University, is a member of the English, German and classical clubs; she won class numerals in basketball, and mercury "8" in track; at the end of her sophomore year she was awarded the "Sophomore Women's Athletic Cup" for the highest number of points in athletic efficiency and proficiency.

Otto V. Green, University of Pittsburgh, is the Treasurer of the Pittsburgh Lyceum, a member of the Pittsburgh Chemical Society and Vice-President of the Omicron Chapter, Alpha Phi Alpha.

George B. Hancock, Colgate University, was elected Vice-President of Y. M. C. A. of this institution by his white comrades.

James Scott, University of Kansas, is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa; he was awarded $200 in prizes for essays, one of which was published,—"The Christian Nations and the Hague."

O. Wilson Winters, Temple University, maintained a general average of ninety per cent throughout his dental course.

James L. Johnson, Pennsylvania State College, completed the four year course in three and one-half years; he was a member of the Varsity Debating Team, winner of the second prize in the Junior Class Oratorical Contest and of the Intercollegiate Debating Medal.

Estelle A. Forster, New England Conservatory of Music, is organist and director of the choir of St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church, Boston, Mass.

E. A. Wilbur Johnson and William A. Fountain, Jr., Northwestern University, receive both the Bachelor of Art and the Bachelor of Divinity degrees.

Leo G. Robinson, Ohio State University, is captain of the Intercollegiate Debating Team and the Varsity Track Squad, holding three records in the latter; he represented the University in the "Big Six Intercollegiate Track Meet." He is president of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, a member of the Tau Kappa Alpha, a National Honorary Debating Fraternity, and class orator.

Frances H. Williams, Mt. Holyoke, is a member of the Massachusetts Chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa; she has been awarded a scholarship for post-graduate studies in Social Service.

William C. Anderson, Syracuse University, is a member of the Historical Association of Syracuse University and of the Sociology Club; he is president of the Town and Gown Club, an organization composed of Negro students of Syracuse University.

Charles W. Florence, University of Pittsburgh, is a member of the Omicron Chapter, Alpha Phi Alpha.

Harvey D. Shaw, University of Michigan is a member of the Epsilon Chapter, Alpha Phi Alpha.

Geneva E. Jackson, Radcliffe, graduates Cum Laude, with distinction in the Romance languages,—French and Spanish; she is an active member of the Radcliffe Athletic Association, with honors.

James E. Rose, Rochester Baptist, is the first Negro to received the B. D. degree from this institution.

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FROM leading Negro institutions we have 319 Bachelors, sixty Doctors of Medicine, forty-seven Doctors of Dental Surgery, thirty in Nurse Training, ten in Pharmacy, 874 Normal, 1,314 High School and 414 other graduates, a total of 3,068, as follows:

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Bachelors | Ranking Student
Atlanta...11 | R. E. McKinney
Fisk...28 | Jasper A. Atkins
Morris Brown...4 | Lydia E. Hannnah
Paine...1 | Grover H. Carter
Talladega...16 | Janie E. McAllister
Claflin...2 | Lowell Campt
Clark...4 | Jennie J. Bowman
Lane...2 | Edward T. Poole
Virginia Union...5 | John A. Bacoats
Shorter...11 | Lucy A. Jones
Knoxville...9 | Rosalee Bell
Spelman...2 | Ruth L. Murden
New Orleans...8 | Flora B. Austin
West Virginia...2 | Emma F. Wade
Orangeburg, S.C. 1 | Josie E. Smith
Arkansas Baptist 3 | Edward Carter
Tallahassee, Fla. 7 | Naomi Welters
State, Louisville 1 | V. W. McLawler
Normal, Ala. ...3 | Callie T. McDonald
Benedict...10 | Beulah P. Simpson
Straight...1 | Philip G. Wiltz
Wiley...16 | R. E. Isles
Allen...4 | Vanilla Clark

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