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[[circled]] H [[/circled]]          Sept. 8, 1978


Dear Hattie:

Thank you for your letter of Aug. 28the.

Sorry to hear that you are finding a rather disagreeable environment down there in Georgia. I am beginning to think that the whole Atlantic sea coast is being taken over by elements of humanity which tend to down-grade - rather than uplift - our American society.

I some times sit back and wonder whether the day will ever come when we can point to a human being in this country (man or woman) and say, "There goes a typical American".

Maybe 500 years from now such a being will emerge. If he or she does, they will probably be dark of skin and talking a jibberish which we, of today, would not understand. 

Maybe the day is coming when the Russians will conquer us and shoot down all the intellectuals and engineers and scientists and make slaves of all the rest.

As of right now, the best place to be is in the middle west (Ohio, Mich., Indiana and further west).

You are right about the present leadership in the this country. It is truly inept. The administration knows nothing about economics and does not
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