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3361 Chamblee Tucker Rd.,
Atlanta, Ga., 30341
June 4, 1982

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[[underline]]Unlisted phone: 457-9969[[/underline]]

Lous S. Casey
P.O.Box 206
Fork Union, Va., 23055

Dear Mr. Casey: Your letter of May 27th 1982 rec'd this morning. Good to hear you retired in health and "not the slow death it is unless motivated". My whole faith in this re-editing of 3 yrs. writing of WACO true history...after I sued C.J Brukner in 1928 for the controlling interest money to raise my children. 
I am healed and out of pain from four thoracic vandal incurred fractures with the lumbar one left leg affected...all vandal incurred. I mention this again to you as now at age 84, in apart of the U.S. only someone from other parts of the country so in shock, no dignity, suedo-education...all physical distances and climate dangerous to Celtic ancestry like mine and high cost of any national food item, reason all those Corp. transferees that feel for the "Sunbelt stuff, all those families who befriended me left within a yr. Any northener gets the paranoid, "what are they hiding" tirade that we ruined the south. Ihave ceased saying anything until I hear the voice...thought I was the First Woman Soaring pilot in America(which belong with WACO, Vic Powell has the letter) 
I had to be 83 yr. old, 1981 to ever be insulted. The object of this letter is: Vic Powell has succorded me, with my Trust in his perseptive acuity. What do I know of r.C. Mikesh. In the trunk I have all the originials of the Xerox sent V.P. then to you. The [[strikethrough]]A?C?[[/strikethrough]] paid for in high rent failed so often that after spending $3000 for a helper and not including Xeror by the foot...when she was involved emotionally (sexually) that nearly ended her. 
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