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Things in Clasp Envelopes in Century old Trunk with War One
Signal Corps Insignia..Geo.E. "Buck" Weaver.

5. N.A.A. News 1973 -1974 relevant to WACO.
1973..early fall..E.J. "SAM" JUNKIN trip to Gross Ille, Michigan to Horace Dodge. Obtained all the OX5's in toto. motors crucial to commercial aviation.
6. Omitted. Intimate family pictures etc.

[[left margin]] IN 2 Pkgs. [[/left margin]]
7.a) LEGAL REGISTRATION NAME WACO June 5, 1926; Telegrams legal HMJ. County document re: birth Janet Junkin;  
b)Document dissolution Weaver Aircraft Co., BROKE  Buck able to earn as test pilot and fly Famous Governor's Noble Prize winners and would be able to contribute heavily with money to re-forming the company...E.J.Junkin kept vigil with Buck's 3 months dying 1924...too late to unite as before. The crash in first WACO in a fog left increasing residual damage. Post mortem showed.

c)In handwriting by E.J. "Sam" Junkin WACO NINE overhead, and Distributors number of ships.

d) Original article on Aviation mailed to H.M. Weaver Winston-Salem No. C. 1925. With brother Chas. Wm. Meyers and family.

e) Dead to Cemetery Troy, Ohio/1931 as Mrs. R.S. Barnaby with markers for center stone WACO
GEo. E.Weaver, President Weaver Aircraft Co. withthis [[with his]] ashes brought by his father from Chgo. Ill. (place for son [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]]. in rear unmarked. Center stone Hattie Meyers---1898- Moved body from unmarked grave of Elwood J. "Sam" Junkin with proper markingoon [[marking on]] stone. Janet Junkin died Dec. 11, 1961. in Garden City, L.Is. 1962 Hm.Junkin (divorced Barnaby 1934) had Janet's ashes placed in plot behind her father.

Cememtery [[Cemetery]] total with markers $856.65. Aviation's FAME.
Hand written letter Jan.27, 1931 from Cemetery Fred Fregin. Reason: Clayton J. Brukner created a furor with him over the cemetery(couldn(t stand the TRUTH on the stones). With my Affidavit, no one except a few I named (and not bought) would be arrested for trespass on my WACO Cemetery.

Transcription Notes:
Hattie Meyers married 1)Geo. E. "Buck" Weaver, who died in 1924; 2)Elwood J. Junkin -died in 1926; and 3)R.S. Barnaby, whom she divorced in 1934. This is what I surmised from these two pages. WACO stands for Weaver Aircraft Co.

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