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Weaver Family
Things in claps envelopes in Century old Trunk/ with War one 
Signal Corps Insignia of C.F.I. Geo. E. "Buck" Weaver

9.  WACO clippings from TROY, OHIO re: National WACO Club, Dayton, OHIO. Death of Clayton J. Brukner, Dec. 21, 1977..age 81 and incorrect newspaper reporting, sent to H.M. JUNKIN Day's Lodge, Atlanta, GA.

10. 1.Group1919: How to Survive in aviation post WAR. HMW and new son with Weaver family, Chgo,Ill.
a) Jan. 1, 1919 Telegram re: discharge due Jan 31, 1919 no transportation.. (Hasn't seen son since ten days old.[[strikethrough]]# Telegram discharge
b) Jan. 8 telegram re:stopover en route Tulsa, flying school.

2. Five letters ^1919 from five different parts of U.S. Jan 5, -May 31

3. Job hunting by "Buck" Weaver in Aviation future, barnstorming carrying passengers allover [[all over]] OHIO from May 21 to June 20, 1919
Notes on outside envelopes - clipping of brother Charles Meyers cousin Roland Waller. Chas. Lt. Royal Flying Crops, Roland Navy Lt. Flyer.

4. May 16,^1919, HMW home to her father's death, GlenRidge N.J.(son 6 mo/ old) Buck and Charlie to Toronto to buy two "Canucks".

5. Feb.14, 1919 GE W. To HMW re: trip back home, Chgo. Enclosures:
Enclosures:(WAR Department Wilbur Wright Field, Fairfield, Ohio
( Pass C.F.I.
( Signal Corps No. 257, Rich Field Waco,Texas.
( Permanent pass,Instructor Weaver Feb.3,19181

Season ticket Texas Cotton palace Mrs. G.E. Weaver Nov.27-17^1918 (Buck and others flying at opening.

6. Letter Jan. 1, 1919 See notes on envelope, 2 DeHavilands, new to Signal Corps...after closing. Buck and "Pop" Keller, C.F.I.S story in letter; C.F.I. Dan Davison flying mail $3600 yr. 
Letters Jan 6, Feb.19(Tulsa en route home)

Re-built Brequet as a cabin job for "Pop" Dickenson, Chgo, Millionaire seed merchant, founded Aero Club of Illinois with E.M. Laird and George E. "Buck" Weaver two ten-agers [[teenagers]] from High School graduation.

Story of trip with "Pop; Dickenson, Hattie, little Buddie and Buck the pilot behind the cabin, and outside. Trip to Atlantic City, N.J. Water Jacket cracked over Pa. Mts. Story.. note notes on envelope. forced landing.."quote only Buck could have made safe and some damage and vs. all pilots and Pop D. stayed to repair it and FLY IT Back to Chgo. Aviation written up SAGAJuly,1923 TWO letters.
July 11, July 12, 1923, Winburne, Pa.
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