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[[handwritten]] Elvira Advertiser
Monday Sept. 29, 1930 [[/handwritten]]

Glider Field Attendance Shows Growing Interest In Elmira Air Contests
W. Hawley Bowlus, Widely Known California Aviator and Glider Designer, is Slightly Injured in Forced Landing but Refuses Hospital Care and Insists He Will Fly Today -Backus, Eaton, O'Meara Make Flights- Distinguished Guests Coming.
Increasing interest in gliding, on part of Elmirans; one record broken; three accidents and numerous flights marked the closing of the first contest week of the National Glider Association and the opening of the second and final week. W. Hawley Bowlus, widely known California pilot and glider designer, was injured Sunday morning after flying from Watercure Hill, while Dr. Wolfgang Klemerer, research engineer for the Goodyear-Zeppelin Company of Ohio, was injured slightly Saturday. W.T. Sperry of the Baker-McMillan Company, Akron, O., put his glider out of commission in a forced landing.

[[first column]]
Despite these unfortunate incidents the glider pilots are continuing their hunt for records, regretting the damage to their tiny ships but with an aviator's bravery refusing to let a crash or two deflect them from their objective. Gliding is serious business when records are sought and Elmira's distinguished visitors are determined to acquire prize money honors if such a thing is possible, and they know it is possible if the strong wind of the past two days continues. 

Sunday morning Mr. Bowlus was forced down near Horseheads and severely shaken, but refused hospital treatment and was attended by a physician in his hotel room. He is a quiet, determined man and insists he will be as good as ever today and ready to continue his activities. Mr. Bowlus is one of the most popular of the visitors and his accident caused general regret. Jack O'Meara of the Baker-McMillan Company, was in the air for a time with Mr. Bowlus, also taking off from Watercure Hill. 

Enjoy Flights.

Sunday afternoon scores of motorists followed the long Coleman Avenue Road to No. 6 field and were repaid by seeing three of the most interesting and spectacular flights yet conducted. No records were fractures, however. Albert Hastings, California, in a Franklin glider, landed in the valley within a few seconds after taking off, due to an unexpected shift in wind at the moment of takeoff.

Wallie Backus, New Jersey, also flying a Franklin glider, was in the air one hour, 50 minutes and 15 seconds; Warren E. Eaton of Norwich, one hour, 20 minutes and 30 seconds; Jack O'Meara, 55 minutes and 25 seconds. Mr. Eaton, who is head of the Norwich Pharmacal Company and a World War aviator [cut off] 

[[second column]]
Mrs. Walker is an ardent glider fan while Don has been building and flying miniature gliders almost since his infancy.

Distinguished Guests

Reservations have been made for Eddie Rickenbacker, first American ace; C.S. (Casey) Jones, head of the Curtiss-Wright Flying Service; Major Reed M. Chambers, vice-president of the United States Aviation Underwriters, Inc., and Cy Caldwell, veteran pilot and aviation writer, known as the "'aviation humorist."

Tuesday morning a specially equipped Stinson plane, owned by the Bendix Aviation Corporation, of which the Elmira Eclipse plant is an important part, will land at the Elmira airport for public inspection. It will be piloted by William Eddie and is equipped with every aviation device manufactures by the Bendix Company. It is said to have the finest instrument board of any ship in use and Eclipse employes, as well as Elmirans generally, will be welcomed to inspect the ship. This company is one of the substantial contributors to the first national glider contest prize and expense fund.

John Way and Frederick Decker are two Elmirans who are giving valued services to the contest, both at headquarters in the Mark Twain and in the field. Mr. Voorhees, chairman of the executive committee, stated Sunday night that their work had done much toward making the glider meet a success. Both men are not only interested in gliders but in Elmira and are deeply appreciative of the advertising this meet is giving the city nationally.

Scouts Assist

Assistance in the National Glider meet which is now being held in Elmira was given by a group of boy scouts of troop 29 Sunday [cut off]

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