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taking it regularly and is now completely relieved and able to attend school every day."- Mrs.Victor H. Call, Route #4,Box 76, San Antonio, Texas

Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
Lydia E. Pinkham Med. CO., Lynn Mass.

...Easy to take...It's MiNTIZED
[[image: TRU-LAX chocolate MINITIZED Laxative]]
Products Co.
203 Johnson St.
Neward, N.J.

Praises Resinol
"My face was a sight from an eruption which appeared mostly on my nose and chin in the form of blind boils. I doctored it and used various things people suggested but nothing seemed to do any good. Finally I tried Resinol Soap and Resinol Ointment and by regular use I cleared my face. I have told many people about them, and would like to be able to convince everyone that Resinol Soap and Resinol Ointment are wonderful." (Signed) N.M. Meakin, Norfolk, Va. Don;t continue to be embarrassed by a rough blotchy skin when the Resinol treatment quickly heals most skin disorders. SOld by your druggist. Sample free. Write Resinol, Dept.33, Baltimore, Maryland.

Beecham's Pills

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versatile glider pilot whowas scared several hundred Elmirans out of a year's growth, when he went joyriding after dark Sunday night, soared his glider over the surrounding terrain on an exploration trip. Mr.Hirth seemed surprised that his hour's flight had caused unusual interest and viewed the entire matter humorously.
Anxious To Start
   If weather conditions are right today the contest will get under way in a hurry, Mr.Walker explaining last night that one reason for operating the meet for two weeks was to have sufficient time to overcome the effects of uncertain wind velocity. Contest pilots are anxious to see events get started but accept the situation philosophically as it is the fate of those who specialize in flying motorless ships.
   Captain Russell Holderman, head of the D.&W. Flying Service, Leroy, N.Y., reached Elmira Monday to join the contest committee. The captain is one of the best known airport operators in the state and was a member of the recent state air tour that won the commendation of Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was long experimented with gliders and believes that this type of aerial conveyance offers one of the safest and best means for qualifying men for airplane instruction as well as offers a sport that brings thrills.
   [[underlined]] One of the most dainty and interesting members of the visiting glider group is Mrs.Ralph S. Barnaby, wife of Lieutenant Barnaby the noted Navy pilot who arrives there Thursday to participate in the meet.[[underlined/]] Well versed in aviation, a pronounced glider "fan" and an appealing conversationalist she is [[underlined]] the center of attraction wherever she goes, and enters into the contest with a zest that wins smiles of approval from the glider operators. Mrs.Barnaby asks no favors on account of her sex and as a result is received into masculine glider circles as "one of the bunch." Her presence on the contest field or at glider headquarters is always welcomed by associated and whether asked to pose for a picture or hep on the glider shock cord she is equally gracious.
Offers Land Use
   Due to difficulty in arranging for the continued use of the field near Jerusalem Hill, as well as its unsatisfactory location, a new field above the Lowman Highway will be selected this morning by Manager Walker. Last evening Mr. Voorhees, Mr.Walker, M. Holmes Shoemaker and Pilot E. Hasings visited the Summer home of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Baldwin to inspect the property as a possible starting point for the gliders. A second inspection will be made today before a decision is made. Mr.Baldwin extended the guests, especially the glider men, a cordial welcome and placed his property at their disposal. His kindness and evident willingness to co-operate won the appreciation of Mr.Walker, particularly, and he declared that a little more assistance of this kind would do much to make the contest an unqualified success.
   John Doeg, accompanied by R.E. David, arrived in Elmira late Monday afternoon from Elizath, N.Y.
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