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woo the mountain from its misty mantle and its sides will serve as a resting place for hundreds of motor cars and spectators as well as the gaily decorated gliders. Last year, it may be remembered, the pilots were delayed nearly a week by adverse weather but this extreme condition is not anticipated this year.

Albert E. Hastings, nationa champion glider pilot, officially opened the meet with an exhibition of airplane tow. Hitched back of Gardner "Peg" Nagle's ship h soared to a height of 2,000 fee before he released the two line. Released of its motive power, the glidr quickly came to earth, Hastings reporting a "dead" atmosphere.
The pilots then confined their activities to gliding by airplane tow. S.E. Saidman of Washington, D.C., a member of the U.S. Volunteer Air Service of that city, furnished the spectators with the only thrill of the afternoon. 

Saidman was taking off by auto tow just as one of the passenger planes was coming onto the field preparatory to landing. When it seemed inevitable that the plane would run into the tow line, the crew on the automobile released the line.  

Makes Perfect Landing
Saidman, unable to see what had happened, found his ship would not answer to the controls as the line was dragging in the grass. His ship nosed swiftly towards the earth. While the crowd held its breath, the pilot straightened out and made a perfect landing, an unusual feat in that he was dragging 500 feet of rope in the grass.

Airport officials immediately took steps to prevent any duplication of this accident which might result less fortunately. They decided to secure an expert field manager from Curtiss Field who will serve as dictator of airport activities throughout the meet. He will arrive in Elmira today. 

Airport guests also were entertained by an army pilot from Wright Field who stunted his ship. Unfortunately he violated Department of Commerce regulations and Inspector Asbury H. Meadows, who was at the field listed a black mark against his record. The inspector had no option in the matter as he is required to report such violations.  

License tests resulted as follows: *Robert Eaton, Norwich, 55 1-5 Seconds in air, landing 29 inches from flag, awarded Class A license; Jacob S. Fassett, Providence, R.I., one minute 16 2-5 seconds, 110 feet, B license; W.S. Snell, Providence, 69 1/2 seconds, 61 1/2 feet, B license; A.L. Lawrence, Providence, one minute 55 seconds, 28 inches, B license; Allen J. Rooke, Providence, one minute 23 3-5 seconds; J.H. Stickler, U. S. Volunteer Air Service, Washington, one minute 22 seconds, one-half inch, B license; Robert Eaton, one minute 27 2-5 seconds, B license; Mrs. R.S. Barnaby, Washington, one minute 31 3-5 seconds, two and one-half inches, B license; Allen Rooke, Providence, one minute two seconds, B license; Franklin K. Iszard, Elmira, one minute 22 seconds, two feet 11 inches, license holder; Norman J. Weiberg, Elmira, one minute three seconds, one foot four inches, license holder; Edward Barton, Montour Falls, one minute 16 seconds, license holder;  Mr. Iszard, one minute 22 1-5 seconds, 34 1/2 feet; Mr. Barton, one minute four seconds. 33 1/2 feet. 

Announces Conference 
Sunday evening Referee L. F. Ross announced that as the result of a conference with Inspector A. H. Meadows and other officials it had been decided to grant Mr. Meadows' request that a meeting be held at the close of the contest to draw up glider regulations for the information and approval of the Department of Commerce. E. P. Warner will be a participant in this conference which is expected to have far-reaching effects upon the future of gliding and soaring activities. Mr. Warner expressed himself as impressed deeply by the Elmira meet and desires that experience gained here be transmitted to the government agencies for use of all pilots. 

Pilots, not including Elmirans, now entered in contest follow: George F. Stead, Robert Eaton, Warren E. Eaton, Norwich; Major W. L. Purcell, Brentwood, L. I.; Walter Snell, Arthur Lawrence, Jacob S. Fassett, Allen Rooke, Providence, R. I.; Captain Thomas Phillips, U.S. Army, Panama Canal Zone Glider Club; Albert S. Hastings, Los Angeles, Calif.; Mrs. R. S. Barnaby, Washington; Lieutenant R. S. Barnaby, U.S. Navy, Washington; Clarence R. Webb, New York City; Frederick Germershaw, New York City; A. C. Haller and Martin F. Schempp, Pittsburgh. Pa.; Arthur B. Schultz, Detroit, Mich.

The story is the day's best bet. Ask him to tell it? 

To see Louis F. Ross, official referee, hastening here and there one would not think that within two weeks after last year's meet he was in a Cleveland hospital on the verge of death. His duties here at that time aggravated a serious stomach ailment and for weeks specialists declared he could not live. However, his ruddy cheeks and happy smile indicate that the best of doctors are no better than the weather prophets, at times. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Marks came early and remained late, seeming to enjoy the opening session of the glider meet to the fullest extent. 

The Pathe news reel representative told with glee of filming a New York fire that was sweeping a business block, at the extreme end of which was a clothing store. A heavy fire wall halted the flames before they could damage this store and when the proprietor discovered this he cried aloud: "Just a few bricks and your fire insurance policy remains a liability." 

In the auto tow tests the Elmira pilots, Franklin K. Iszard, Edward Barton and Norman J. Weiberg held their own with the best of 'em. One year ago not one of these young man had ever seen a glider while today they are recognized as contenders for the big prize money. 

J. Norton Wood, chairman of the general committee which arranged the glider meet program, confided to Al Hastings that he guessed he made a mistake when he went in for baseball instead of aviation, as there were no payrolls to meet for the "players" in this contest. "Cheer up, Nort," responded the peppy pilot, "with your new gas wells you will soon make up on the bananas all you lost on the peanuts." 

Mrs. L. F. Ross, wife of the official referee, is an Amos 'n' Andy


ner, editor of Aviation, in formall opening the contest Sunday, sai "this meet is of utmost national importance and should not be underestimated." Can it be that the genial New Yorker is quietly supporting Frank's campaign for reelection, or is it just another case of great minds operating on the same schedule? 
Albert Heath, adopted Elmiran who is recognized as a consistent civic booster, went into executive session with Homer E. Brotzman, substantial member of the Association of Commerce, and then announced the formation of the Heath-Brotzman Glider and Soaring Club. They declared that as soon as they could induce Asaph Hall to pay a $750 initiation fee they would buy a $750 glider and get going. 

Judge's Fiat May Fix Fate Of Raid Here

Batavia Decision of Federal Judge Knight Indicates Government to Keep Alcohol Taken in Briggs Raid Even If Entry Illegal. 

A decision given by Federal Judge John Knight in Jamestown last week is seen as a determination of the fate of the alcohol seized in the Briggs Brewery raid here. 

Judge Knight, handed down an opinion holding that alcohol even if illegally seized, may be held by the government if the owners fail to establish lawful title to it. 

Defendants arrested in the Briggs Brewery raid are seeking their release on the grounds that the entry of the prohibition agents was illegal. The question has arisen as to what would be done with the alcohol seized in the local raid if the cont [[text cut off]]
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