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The Flying Cabinet

Though the administration has its feet firmly on the ground, the Cabinet seems to be very much in the air this season.

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[[image]]SECRETARY OF STATE HENRY LEWIS STIMSON- dressed in the smartest of airplane travel togs always smiles when he boards a plane for New York. He did some flying in Europe during the war. He enjoys flying and prefers it to any other means of transportation.

SECRETARY OF WAR PATRICK HURLEY is such an aviation enthusiast that he has learned to pilot a plane and is in the air most of the time on business or pleasure. Wife Ruth has recently put up a set of signals on the top of the Hurley home and a red flag means, "Come down, Pat, the Hoovers are coming over to dinner." [[image]]

[[image]]ATTORNEY GENERAL WILLIAM DEWITT MITCHEL wants slower landing speed and less motor noise before he starts hobnobbing with the birds. Business is business with this dignified dispenser of justice, so he flies when he has to - and he has made many long trips - but he isn't risking his judicial neck for an air thrill.

WALTER F. BROWN, Postmaster General, can take aviation apart and show you what makes it tick. He thinks air travel the best means of transportation and boards a plane for California with the same aplomb that characterizes his daily travel from Wardman Park to the post office.[[image]]
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