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Seen and Heard at the Airport

MRS. CHARLES PARKER STONE in a new fall coat, chatting animatedly with Mr. and Mrs. Tony Farr of the French Embassy Staff as she boarded a plane for New York.

GLEN HUNTER and his smart English luggage as he arrived for the opening play at the National. Glenn, plump and prosperous, still has the look of little Merton of the Movies.

HELEN KANE with her mouth all puckered for a boop boop a doop and showing her teeth in a wide smile. "To the Palace Theatre, James. Let there be song and laughter."

MABEL W. WILLEBRANDT in quiet conversation with a group of distinguished individuals, probably wealthy grape owners from sunny California. Between grapes and planes, the former Assistant Attorney General is very much up in the air.

SENATOR JAMES DAVIS, dyed-in-the-wool railroad man, about to jump joyfully into a north-bound airplane.

OLGA CRAVEN, daughter of Rear Admiral and Mrs. Thomas Craven, season's deb, hurrying to New York by plane so she can ride the subways. She just "adores" subways.

FIFI D'ORSAY, last seen in "As Young As You Feel" with Will Rogers, was apparently very young and on monkey business bent as she swung nimbly down from a New York plane. "To the Earle and make it snappy," as she straightened her empress Eugenie.

TOMMY HITCHCOCK, gay and debonair, spinning yarns abou t the last exciting spill in the polo game. He did not have his pony.

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