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   "California," with a flip of a satisfied wing.
   "No!" ejaculated Con. "California." He swayed slightly forward and his round,  bright eyes peered at Tac. "Tell me, quick."
   It was Tac's dramatic momentand he wasn't missing a cue.
   "I've been reading about that West Coast service for some time, so Saturday I hopped the Express and took a United right out of Newark and was in San Francisco in 28 hours."
   New respect for flippant little Tac shone in Con's eyes.
   "We traveled at night as well as day and on the slickest planes you ever saw. Maybe they weren't any better than ours," as he looked over the field. "We're pretty good, you know." 
   "And I was the guest of United Airlines, largest airline system in America," proudly.
   "You always were a lucky bird."
   "What's been happening at the old home airport since I've been gone?"
   Don't fail to read the "WOMAN VOTER," the only woman's national newspaper in America. Send for sample copy.

Address--The WOMAN VOTER
103 Newlands Street,
Chevy Chase, Maryland

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   "Full planes each trip on the Continental for Chicago," said Con. "Eastern Air may pull the Atlantic City run the first of the month."
   "Who told you," suspiciously.
   "No one. I just heard it someplace."
   "Well you know what happens to people who hear too much. You better lay off until you know."
   "Did the Condors go to Miami?"
   "Every other day."
   "There is Lou Steward. We got wind that you were in Chicago so Lou and I lit out and made the run in 3 hours and 10 minutes. A record run."
   Lou is an up and up pilot. Let's go talk to him. He might have some Lockheed news."
   "And then I'm going to take my examination for a pilot's license."
   With this startling remark Tac flew away leaving Con to retreat and take refuge in a cloud of words.
   "Tac a pilot! Well I'll be!!!!

Designers of Original Jewelry
Tel. Na. 3651-2
Art Dealers
1114 F St. Northwest
Washington, D. C.


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