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Air-Minded Business Men

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  "Yes it was a Wasp," said Mr. Harris, debonair manager of the Fidelity Investment Association.  Now, my dear, a wasp is a predatory stinging hymenopterous insect with a disagreeable habit of sitting down where he ought not to, so mention of a wasp always causes us to prick up our ears.  However, his next words were more assuring.
  "I flew the Wasp many months and sure hated to leave it.  This season I'm flying a Bellanca."  This was airplane talk and we found that this remarkable young fellow is a pilot and is equally at ease whether at the controls of a plane or piloting the affairs of the Fidelity

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Investment Association in Washington.
  He plays a little golf, flies a little plane and does a lot of good hard work with substantial returns.
  He is a regular little Lindbergh on the ocean of financial doubt and will tell you how to make two long green dollars grow where one has been withering on the parent tree.
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  He travels by air whenever possible and on a recent trip to Atlantic City brought back his entire office force of ten in the Bellanca.  A few years ago he jumped in a plane and took off for the southern territory, where he cruised in the air for several weeks, piling up business returns as he went along.
  He has an excellent war record and did a great deal of flying when "over there."
  "What made you take up flying?" he was asked.
  "Why does anyone take up flying?" he quickly countered.
  There you are.  He hasn't answered the question.  Neither have we, so write your own ticket.  If it's right you win the nickel-plated nose dive and maybe one of those "Wasps" Mr. Harris keeps around his office.

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