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As Issued By C.A.A.

In view of the many requests we receive for information on pilot's ratings, we are publishing the following requirements specified by the Civil Aeronautics Authority. Tests for these licenses are conducted by C.A.A. inspectors. Contact your local airport or write direct to the C.A.A., Washington, D.C., when you are qualified to take the test. 

Student Glider Pilot Rating
AGE- Applicant shall be at least 14 years of age.
CHARACTER-Applicant shall be of good moral character. 
CITIZENSHIP-Applicant may be a citizen of any nationality. 
EDUCATION-Applicant shall be able to read, speak, write and understand the English language; except that a citizen of a country granting reciprocal pilot privileges to pilots of the United States on equal terms and conditions will not be required to meet the English language requirements. 
PHYSICAL CONDITION-Applicant shall certify that to the best of his knowledge and belief he ahs no physical defect which renders him incompetent to pilot a glider.
AERONAUTICAL KNOWLEDGE-No minimum requirements.
AERONAUTICAL EXPERIENCE-No minimum requirements.
AERONAUTICAL SKILL-No minimum requirement but prior to his first solo flight a student glider pilot shall, in the opinion of his instructor, be deemed competent to make such a solo flight.

Private Glider Pilot Rating

AGE-Same as for Student Pilot Rating
CHARACTER-Same as for Student Pilot rating.
CITIZENSHIP-Same as for Student Pilot rating.
EDUCATION-Same as for Student Pilot rating.
PHYSICAL CONDITION-Same as for Student Pilot rating.
AERONAUTICAL KNOWLEDGE-Applicant shall be familiar with and accomplish satisfactorily a written examination of CAR 60 (Air Traffic Rules). 
AERONAUTICAL EXPERIENCE-Applicant shall have completed at least 100 gliding flights, 25 of which shall have each included a 360 degree turn and at least 5 of the latter shall have been made within the 30 days preceding the date of filing the application.
AERONAUTICAL SKILL-Applicant shall demonstrate his ability to pilot a glider by satisfactorily making at least the following: one straight flight with normal take-off and landing within the airport, one flight with a 180 degree turn and downwind landing in the wind of not more than 10 miles per hour velocity, one flight with a 360 degree turn to the right and a precision landing to within 200 feet of a designated mark and one flight with a 360 degree turn to the left and a similar precision landing.

Commercial Glider Pilot Rating

AGE-Applicant shall be at least 18 years of age.
CHARACTER-Applicant shall be of good moral character.
CITIXZENSHIP-Applicant shall be: 
(a) A citizen of the United States, or
(b) A citizen of a foreign country which grants reciprocal commercial privileges to citizens of the United States on equal terms and conditions with citizens of such foreign country, or 
(c) An alien who has filed his declaration of intention to become a citizen of the United States and notifies the Secretary of the serial number of such declaration and of the date thereof and of the court in which it is filed; provided that the certificate of competency is, in such case, subject to revocation if the holder does not from time to time keep the Secretary advised of the status of the proceedings in court and does not diligently and successfully prosecute them and become admitted as a citizen 

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