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Soaring APRIL-MAY, 1940 

S S A Executive News      

Southee Resigns 

Effective immediately I am compelled to resign my position as President and Director of The Soaring Society of America. 

You know that I have cheerfully given the better part of the past ten years to the soaring movement, because of my love and interest for the sports science which we have all tried so hard to establish in this country. Therefore, you should realize that it is with deep regret that I find myself forced to give up my active participation in the soaring movement. It is impossible for me to devote even a small amount of time to the work being done by the President and the Directors of The Soaring Society of America.

My position with the Civil Aeronautics Authority as it has developed this year requires me to personally advise over one hundred flight operations, we have an enrollment of over two thousand flight trainees. From these figures, given to you in the spirit of constructive thought, rather than with the idea of boasting, you can readily ascertain that my time is pretty well taken up. 

Furthermore, I have been definitely instructed to retire from all outside activities in order that nothing interfere with the serious responsibility that is now mine. You all know that my heart is still in the soaring movement, and that I will always be glad to assist in an advisory capacity whenever my services are so requested. 

Please accept my best wishes for the successful  continuation of soaring activities throughout the United States, and for the continued existence of The Soaring Society of America, and the many regional organizations throughout the United States. 

With kindest personal regards to you and all your local constituents. 

Sincerely yours,

(signed) EARL R. SOUTHEE 
May 13, 1940

Directors Meeting

Minutes of Directors Meeting of The Soaring Society of America, Inc., held in the office of Charles Gale, 515 Madison Avenue, New York City, on May 25, 1940.

Meeting called to order at 12 noon by Vice-President Stanley.

Directors present: Stanley, Funk, Lawrence, Gale, Sweet; Proxies of Lehecka and Barnaby by Gale, Franklinand Schultz by Sweet.

Moved by Lawrence, seconded by Gale that resignation of Southee be accepted. Carried. Secretary to write letter of appreciation for past work for SSA.

Barringer arrived at 1:45 P.M.

Decker arrived at 2:30 P.M.

Contest rules promulgated and adopted as per copy attached. 

Moved by Lawrence, seconded by Gale that Bob Stanley be elected President protem, until a Directors' Meeting to be held at the National Contest. Carried. 

Moved by Lawrence, seconded by Barringer that the proposal of H. Wightman concerning his claim against the SSA for back salary be accepted. To wit: The SSA will receive $58.00 from Wightman and grant him title to the SSA Franklin. Carried.

Resignation of Robert Stanley as contest chairman unanimously accepted as of March 20.

President Stanley appointed a new contest board as follows: Sweet, chairman; Decker, Barringer, Stanley, ex-officio. Approved by Directors.

Executive powers for the SSA delegated to the office of Secretary until the Directors' Meeting at National Contest. Approved by Directors.
SSA-NAA affiliation discussed with Wm. Enyart. Decision deferred until next meeting. Barringer delegated to draw up a plan of affiliation to be presented to NAA.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00 P.M.

Southwest Soaring Contest
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The $100 flight prizes are up at Dallas, Texas; Amarillo, Texas; and Tulsa, Oklahoma. The first ship to land at the respective cities' airports will receive the money.

Magazines and firms have posted many trophies: Popular Aviation Magazine, Champion Pilot Trophy; Southern Flight Magazine, Silver "C" Trophy; Western Flying Magazine, Altitude Trophy; Record News and Times, Points Trophy to the club compiling most points; Air Associates, Compass and Flight Clock to club compiling most points. 

Col. W. T. Knight, Barograph Award; Wichita Falls Clearing House Association, Barograph Award; Wichita Falls Junior Chamber of Commerce, barograph Award; Air Trails Magazine, Jardur Chronograph watch award for best distance of the meet.

Five national magazines will present subscription awards for minor events. Many other prizes are in the making but are not confirmed as yet.


WANTED: Sailplane or Utility ready to fly or requiring some work to put in flying condition. Baby Albatross, Franklin PS2, Cadet, Briegleb or equal acceptable. Must be eligible for NC. W. R. Plage, 2516 Alston Drive, Atlanta, Ga.

FOR SALE: Franklin Utility Glider NC-11186. Just overhauled and relicensed at approved repair station. Licensed for aeroplane towing and aerobatics. Best offer under $400.00 solicited. Price includes trailer and without instruments in ship. Elmira Gliding Club, Inc., Federation Building, Elmira, New York. 

FOR SALE-Franklin PS-2, N15193, with trailer. The ideal trainer. Condition fair. Also, complete set instruments, rate of climb, turn and bank, compass, airspeed, and altimeter. Send inquiries to Ad Dept., SSA, Box 71, Elmira, N. Y.

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS 5c per word. Minimum rate $1.50.


- Kits start at $199.00
- Complete stressed plans and instructions for utility glider $12.50
- Complete stressed plans for utility Sailplane $17.50
- Completed utility $495.00
- Completed sailplane $695.00

Send 10c for information and pictures 

"The Art of Soaring Flight," by Wolf Hirth. A limited number of copies available at $2.00.


Briegleb Aircraft Company
16005 Bassett street,Van Nuys,Calif. 

Box 71 -- Elmira, N.Y.
  I wish to apply for membership. Enclosed find my money order check for $2.00 covering membership dues and subscription to SOARING for one year beginning...,19..
Past and present connections with motorless flying, if any...
Make checks and money orders payable to The Soaring Society of America, Inc.
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