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Page 3 | The Second Soaring Meeting | August 2--16 1931
OF AN EXAMPLE? Such a narrow minded example before young men in their teens (to quote him verbatim) and to those young men who constitute the bulk of glider internet who will be the Engineers of tomorrow.
First of all Glding is of great and Infinite benefit to Aviation.
Most airplane designers in the know, take a few manuals aviation theoretical, page thru them, take a wing and tail design page XXX then call it an airplane. Like this: Wings..uh..huh page XX; a fuslege like the standard type of Comapny Soand So; a little change in the rudder, Govt.
contract.. to keep us from straving..RESULT.. one airplane too heavy, a copy in other words, LAZIER Engineers in in a field so unexplored. These Companies usually fail..witness those in aviation went into BIG Business copying our WACO's. Reminds me of the farmer who bought himself a horse, taught it to live on sawdust. Just about trained, horse died. Now a glider depends for growth on designers who are still in mental infancy in all Aviation. Your airplane has become a case of MOTOR and more MOTOR plus lots of streamlining. Result of the greed of BIG Business MEN has in commercial Aviation brought on the same kind of INDIGESTION the killed the horse. So...WHERE OH, WHERE HAS MY LITTLE GLIDER GONE..WILL THE THEME SONG OF SOARING, my children if you don't WATCH OUT. A glider is a case of wings and R.E. Franklin has well demonstrated the importance of a RUDDER. I can fly my Franklin right into the spot and I mean FLY in..not BRAKE in..just like Johnny Livingstone could with a WACO NINE. It's DESIGN. With a well designed vehicle comes no end of pleasure. Once a glider pilot, always a glider pilot. Once in Aviation, always in it. Three times for me. I don't see how anyone can fly very long without getting the Grandeur and the Glory of Power (call it God) whomever our Creator. Even N.Y. City made by man's brains and hands, ..if you fly high enough it is like a postage stamp on the Envelope  of God's Calling card. What difference whether we are German American, Catholic or Presbyterian(like me) rich or poor if we abide
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