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The Second Soaring Meet
How to Let Gliding Live [/underlined
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Just like Johnny Livingstone could with a WACO NINE. WHY? DESIGN. With the performance of a well designed vehicle infinite pleasure. Once a glider pilot, always a glider pilot, once in aviation, always in aviation. I don't see how anyone who flies very long without getting some idea of the Grandeur and Glory of the Power (call it God, or any name) that runs this world we live in. Even above N.Y. City, the greatest conglomeration of man's brains and hands ever made...When you really get high over it, it is only a postage stamp on the envelope of God's Calling Card... the U.S. set in vast oceans. What difference whether we are German American, Catholic or Presbyterian (way I was raised); whether we are rich or poor if we can all abide by the fundamental law of Decency.. BE THY SELF.. But just like a woman, Idigress.
To get back to AVIATION in general, and GLIDERS in particular, HOW TO LET GLIDING LIVE..... don't you see the end serves the means in this case?
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Hattie Meyers (Barnaby) 1930-34 (divorce Hattie Meyers Junkin
[[underlined]] JULY 22, 1931 [/underlined]]
Written with enclosed Contest fee $25.00 to the then:
[[underlined]]N[/underlined]]ational [[underlined]]G[/underlined]]lider [[underlined]]A[/underlined]]ssociation
[[underlined]] in jest [/underlined]]
Called/by motor pilots: [[underlined]]N[/underlined]]o [[underlined]]G[/underlined]]ood [[underlined]]A[/underlined]]viators
Name changed to: [[underlined]]S[/underlined]]oaring [[underlined]]S[/underlined]]ociety of [[underlined]]A[/underlined]]merica. {With the "A" last jests {a little vulgar avoided.
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