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Fleetwings, Inc., Bristol, Pa.
Fletcher Aviation Co., 125 Ellis Place, Fullerton, Calif.
Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp., Bethpage, L. I., N.Y.
Gwinn Aircar, 777 Hertel Ave., Buffalo, N.Y.
Hall-Aluminum Aircraft Corp., Radcliffe St., Bristol, Pa.
Harper Aircraft Co., Inc., R. D. 1, Sharpesville, Pa.
Howard Aircraft Corp., 5301 West 65th St., Chicago, Ill.
Hughes Aircraft Co., 7000 Romaine St., Hollywood, Calif.
Jackson, Clifford C., 35 McLean St., Detroit, Mich.
Jensen Aircraft, 34 Sans Souci St., Charleston, S. C.
Johansen Aircraft Co., 4556 West 16th Place, Los Angeles, Calif.
Johnston Engineering Research Co., 600 11th Ave., Rock Falls, Ill.
Jones Aircraft Corp., P. O. Box 114, Schenectady, N. Y.
Kama Aircraft Co., Inc., 1546 Pacific Ave., San Francisco, Calif.
Keen, Horace, Aircraft Corp., 45 West 45th St., New York, N. Y.
Kellett Autogiro Corp., Island Road & Laycock Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Laird, E. M. Airplane Co., 5917 South Cicero Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Leach Aero Service, 116 West Main St., Hartford, Conn.
Lenert Aircraft Co., 3455 Touhy Ave., North Town Station P. O., Chicago, Ill. 
Lobil Aircraft Corp., Los Angeles, Calif.
Lockheed Aircraft Corp., Empire Ave. & San Fernando Road, Burbank, Calif. 
Luscar Metals, Inc., c/o T. H. Huff, Lincoln Liberty Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Luscombe Airplane Development Corp., West Trenton, N. J.
McCaffey Airplane Development Co., Los Angeles Municipal Airport, Inglewood, Calif
Martin, The Glenn L. Co., Baltimore, Md.
Master Aircraft Co., 7040 White Oak St., Van Nuys, Calif.
Mattley Airplane Co., Inc., 792 San Bruno Ave., San Bruno, Calif.
Mercury Aircraft, Inc., Hammondsport, N. Y.
Meyers, A. H., Romulus, Mich.
Midwest Airplane Co., 4971 Miami St., Omaha, Nebr.
Monocoupe Corp., Lambert Field, Robertson, Mo.
National Aircraft Corp., 1145 East 22nd St., Indianapolis, Ind.
Noelcraft Airplane Co., c/o Noel R. Hockaday, Burbank, Calif.
North American Aviation, Inc., Mfg. Div., Los Angeles, Municipal Airport, Ingle-wood, Calif.
Northrop Corporation, P. O. Box 118, Inglewood, Calif.
Ong Aircraft Corp., Municipal Airport, Kansas City, Mo.
Pasped Aircraft Co., 221-A West Broadway, Glendale, Calif.
Pennsylvania Aircraft Syndicate, Ltd., Wilford Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa.
Phillips Aviation Co., Metropolitan Airport, Van Nuys, Calif.
Pietenpol, B. H., Spring Valley, Minn.
Piper Aircraft Corp., 77 P St., Lock Haven, Pa. (Formerly Taylor Aircraft Co.)
Pitcairn Autogiro Co., Pitcairn Field, Willow Grove, Pa.
Porterfield Aircraft Corp., 2500 McGee Trafficway, Kansas City, Mo. 
Rearwin Airplanes, Inc., Fairfax Airport, Kansas City, Kans.
Retz Aero Shop, Municipal Airport, Farmland, Ind.
Roos, Victor H. Aircraft Co., 1820 Lydia St., Kansas City, Mo.
Rozo Aeroplane & Motor Co., 4237 North Harlem Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Ryan Aeronautical Co., Lindbergh Field, San Diego, Calif.
Security Aircraft Corp., Municipal Airport, Long Beach, Calif. 
Seversky Aircraft Corp., Farmingdale, L. I., N. Y
Sierra Aircraft, 138 West Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre, Calif. 
Sikorsky Aircraft, Div. United Aircraft Corp., Stratford, Conn.
Spartan Aircraft Co., Sheridan Road, Tulsa, Okla. 
Speed Bird Corp., Keyport, N. J.

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