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The Advance Aircraft Company

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Toledo, Ohio
May 27, 1929

Dear Harley Mitchell;

Whoopee[?] --- evidently the gift o' gab has it's good points --- better inform the"deah [[dead]] relatives"---?

To-morrow some very good proofs willbe finished of yours trooly (as Buck always said it ) and I am sending three of them finished in a shiny form so the the [they] will be more adaptable to your use and it gives you a chance to see the point I made in my "squib", as you call it, that is, that when I become man's competitor(so it shows MY help in Aviation is shortened.

I must see the precise meaning of - squib-- my disposition is to investigate every thing, especially [[crossed out]] wor [[/crossed out]] words---well--well, sarcastic publication -- Webster says-- do you suppose I will be able to live after that?

I do not approve of sarcasm myself - and I can only plead that my motive was to give an answer as it is and with my usual impatience of "bunk" or bologna I too wonder if I have let myself in for the "jumping to conclusions" that I am a " cat". 

At any rate do your durnedest -- you know I can always apply the trite little epithet to myself of -- fools step in where angels fear to tread-and even discussion is some thing is it not?

I am anticipating a train to N.Y. to arrange some pictures and photostats to let be syndicated thru the newspapers coincident to the issue of Waco on the N.Y curb. Air Transportation is getting pictures out of my albums for their Do You Remember section. It all sounds like I am getting there.

How about signing, you ask --- that is a stickler-- Hattie Meyers, or Mrs. Waco-- or with alias in between the two. Legally I amstill Junkin -- for how [[crossed out]] [[?]] [[/crossed out]] long?
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