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The time of day I like the best,
Is when the kids have gone to rest;
Downstairs I go, to flop out flat,
No demands for "this" or "that".


A pilot has a separate cabin,
Away from all confusin' gabbin';
A Mother needs her solitude,
Away from all her noisy brood.

A pilot has a course to steer,
The duties are defined and clear;
But Mother has her own course must chart,
She finds the answers in her heart.

A pilot watches with careful eye,
The horizon afar, the things nearby;
A Mother must have infinite view,
Yet watch the details closely too.


So, time of day I like the best,
Is when the kids have gone to rest;
For I would check my course again,
As Mother of to-morrow's men.

Copyright March 8, 1979
TX[[?]] 23-425
written 1930's

Transcription Notes:
It seems some of the asterisks(*) have faded

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