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                       3361 Chamblee Tucker Rd.,
                             Apt. 8
                         Atlanta, Ga., 30341
                           March 3,1984
Dear Robt. Mikesh:
Today is the birthdate, 1897 of Elwood J. "SAM" Junkin. The longer I live the more I realize Calender Age and achievement have no relation to ability. "Geo. E. "Buck" Weaver and "SAM" left infinite values as well as Aviation PROVEN..and so I am sending you the UPS enc: which I wish to be on record.
I have never met Vic Powell or heard his voice BUT...except for his rare gift of seeing (not with the eyes necessarily) but without his perceptive ability to KNOW the real persons in his aviation Editorships I probably might not have survived. To lose all my hard won survival where as a WASP like those who settled America during Revolution, Vic was the KNOWING the real me, not the one with thoracic vertebrae from 7 to 12 and the ruinous one ^Lumbar One to my efforts of survival in climate for my English skin and educated kind of dignity...Breeding. In less than a yr. Ultra sound took me out that terrible, pain of compression spinal fractures and IRONICALLY the Lumbar one ^pain endurance the least and NO WHEEL chair as threatened. Here under knowledgeable protest but only living relative here...and no "family" feeling only Power of Attorney...which be will gladly religuish to someone, better climate and life I can relate to where-ever. I think Vic Powell has a huge file, used discreetly which I hope you will share for the HUMAN Investment of "No such word as cant" I did all my typing on 1940 Royal manual typewriter..and words of encouragement(HERE)???JEALOUSLY Vic Powell..4424 Medford Drive, Annandale, Va., 22003. Sept. 1983 Paul Tissandier Award. Thank Mr.Casey also..Perceptive Acuity..happily said to me at age 13 by my Editor father whose father Charles Meyers(Hessian German, Rurgers
Famous Editor N.Y. SUN Hattie Meyers Weaver) JUNKIN