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Hilton Hall Apt. 15A 
Garden City, L.I. N.Y. 
January 3, 1940 

Future or Finis 

Hattie Meyers Junkin 

By the time a man has reached his forties, his success, or failure is measured by his accomplishments in business or some chosen field of endeavor, or lack of accomplishment. 

By the time a woman has reached her forties, her success, or failure is measured, willy-nilly, by her womanliness, her charm, or lack of them. As business woman, wife, Mother or Widow, Forties can and MUST be years of charm, or all that has been rained is lost. Being a woman lasts until life ceases. Check you characteristics in the lines below. 

Enc: Questions: No. 1 thru 19, divisions a, b, c, If for example you checked "b" get 15. You're good with 200
fair with 165

Hattie Meyers Junkin 

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