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Fifty ... Future or Finis? 
Here is a test to measure you charm and predict which way your life is heading 

On your fiftieth birthday is your charm slipping or holding its own? Here is a game that will help you to test yourself. Check a, b, or c in each group and turn to page 75 for rating. 

1. Do you live 
a. Entrenched in the past? 
b. Feeling that life is all too short? 
c. Much too much alone? 

2. Do answer, if asked for frankness 
a. With the bitter truth? 
b. With something nice by innuendo? 
c. With a flattering, but untrue answer? 

3. Do you eat
a. Properly for your age, weight, and work? 
b. Too much when some one else pays for it? 
c. Too much and decide to diet after dinner? 

4. Do you do your lips 
a. In the Cupid's bow of your girlhood? 
b. Not at all? 
c. With a reasonable amount of lipstick? 

5. Do you speak 
a. In a loud, harsh tone? 
b. With a modulated voice? 
c. With a dig in most of your phrases? 

6. Do you buy clothes 
a. That are feminine, but you age? 
b. That are just anything? 
c. Because the sales-girls persuaded you?

7. Do you find yourself 
a. Being on the outs with former friends? 
b. Making adjustments easily? 
c. Drinking to escape the "fears of fifty"?  

8. Do you think 
a. That you are the criterion(container) of all knowledge? 
b. For yourself, avoiding the cliché opinion? 
c. That your richer friends have better opinions? 

9. Do you find yourself 
a. Trying to keep up with the Joneses? 
b. Believing that your way of living is the only way? 
c. Content with your worldly position? 

10. Do you spend your time 
a. Complaining 
b. With women who talk of their marital troubles? 
c. With women absorbed in community activities? 

11. Do you feel
a. That life has done you dirt? 
b. The you are really only as old as you feel? 
c. That you can handle to-day's problems? 

12. Do you war shoes 
a. That men admire, but that kill you? 
b. The look right with your feet and clothes? 
That are obviously comfortable? 

13. Do you choose friends 
a. Because you have the same interests? 
b. Because they have attractive husbands? 
c. Because you want to raise your worldly position? 

14. Do you keep you hair 
a. Brushed with a clean brush? 
b. Dressed "any way as long as it is neat"? 
c. Dressed on top fashion, becoming or not?

15. Do you have a pet
a. That you inflict on visitors? 
b. Because you like animals? 
c. Whose life is your whole existence? 

16. Do you watch your posture
a. Always? 
b. Only because of your girdle? 
c. Only when an attractive mans is around? 

17. Do you wear stockings 
a. In smart shades, prettily sheer? 
b. With runs in them when you're at home? 
c. In dreary grey and definitely opaque? 

18. Do you keep your hands 
a. With the polish half off? 
b. Attractively manicured? 
c. Constantly busy with cigarette or a drink? 

19. Do you speak to your husband 
a. Politely, no matter who is around? 
b. Sharply, bossily in public? 
c. As though you were afraid of him? 


Transcription Notes:
I am unsure of the word in blue under question #8

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