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POSTMASTER:—If not delivered in five days please notify Miss R. P. Sanderlin, 2614-31st St., N.W., Washington, D.C. Postage will be sent for return.

[[image - U.S. postage stamp, 4 cents, Taft]]

[[circular postal stamp]]
[[/circular postal stamp]]

[[circled]] 1 [[/circled]]

Rotograuvres - Beed's Models
Wash. Post after trys to N.Y
re: Parker Cramer & Hobby Lobby Program

[[strikethrough]] Bu flying [[strikethrough]] 
Beed 10 yr. told flying the Cessna.

Music Camp
Chatagnay Lake (near Malone N.Y)

Buddies [[strikethrough circled]] 13 [[/strikethrough circled]]
flying etc.
& July, Aug 1929
Chas Foster
with [[strikethrough]] college [[/strikethrough]] Professor and teen boys
Bud's & Fosters letters & the bill

[[strikethrough]] Miss Janet Junkin [[/strikethrough]]

4532 Lowell Street, N.W.
Washington D.C.

Sidwell Report & Bills
Friends private school

Berugeria ocean liner
From W.D.C. [[strikethrough]] to Trip [[/strikethrough]] N.Y. to Bermuda - letter to Bud & Janet from HM J
Listed as Hattie Meyers
post divorce from Faruaby - trp 1930's

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